Introducing new SleepScore APIs - Improve engagement and outcomes with personalized sleep journeys and coaching
all you have to do
is sleep
Free products for you.*
Better sleep science for all.

How it works

Get Involved
by taking our pre-eligibility questionnaire here

Contacts You
when recruiting for new studies

You Receive
Free Products*
including a test product & a sleep tracker ($149.99 value)

SleepScore Collects
Your Sleep Data
remotely through your sleep tracker and simple online surveys
All tracking and results of your sleep experience are confidential.
Data is gathered directly through your new no-touch sleep tracker and analyzed by our team of sleep scientists.
* In some cases, a product not yet available to the public may need to be returned upon study completion.
A SleepScore Max device will not be provided to study participants who already own one.

What to expect

Receive Your Test
Product at Home
and your new sleep tracker
within 2-3 weeks of acceptance
into the sleep study.

Use The
Test Product
and track your sleep for
40-60 nights depending
on study requirements.

Your Sleep Tracker
Does the Heavy Lifting
answer some simple online
surveys along the way, but your
sleep tracker does the rest.
See what our SleepScore study participants had to say!
I enjoyed being more aware of my (not very healthy) sleep habits!
I didn’t realize before how inconsistent I am with them, and it’s great information I can use to improve going forward. Also, I just feel lucky to have had the opportunity to learn about such a great product!
Jessica R.:
[I liked] knowing that my information could help someone else find better rest.


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