• Wareable

    Is your body resisting a rest? SleepScore Max is here to help.
  • Business Insider

    Out of all the competition, SleepScore Max is the best sleep tracker overall.

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February 2018

  • San Diego Business Journal

    SleepScore Labs CEO Colin Lawlor explains the problem with the current sleep improvement market, and how SleepScore Labs is changing the game.
  • Gear Diary

    SleepScore Max sees you when you’re sleeping and offers helpful tips to improve your snoozing!
  • Phone Arena

    SleepScore Max hands-on: The best approach to sleep tracking?

January 2018

  • Digital Trends

    To sleep, perhaps — new SleepScore Labs partnership will guide you to dreamland
  • Bon Appetit

    I went on a crazy expensive quest for the best sleep of my life

November 2017

  • Sleep Review

    Powered by ResMed Technology, SleepScore Labs launches non-contact sleep device
  • Elite Daily

    How To sleep through the night when literally everything else you've tried isn't working

May 2017

  • medGadget

    S+, Setting a New Standard in Consumer and Clinical Sleep Technology: Interview with Colin Lawlor, CEO of SleepScore Labs

April 2017

March 2017

  • Huffington Post

    Spring Ahead Without Car Accidents and Misery – Sleep Tips for DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME
  • Restonic

    Myth Busted! Growing Older Does Not Mean Saying Goodnight to Restful Sleep
  • Men’s Fitness

    5 dedicated sleep trackers that actually tell you how well you slept last night
  • The Daily Mail

    The gadget of your dreams: The Resmed S+ is the most accurate sleep tracker on the market (unfortunately for me!)
  • Restonic.com

    Him Versus Her: Who Wins the Title of Champion Sleeper?
  • MindBodyGreen

    How Sleep Affects Your Hormones & Brain Function: Doctors Weigh In

February 2017

January 2017

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