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SleepScore Labs Validation Study Shows Significant Sleep Benefits from Swannies Glasses

By: SleepScore Labs  |  August 1st, 2018

Big Data ecosystem leverages proprietary insights from SleepScore Labs to highlight sleep improvements from Swanwick Glasses

CARLSBAD, Calif. — August 1, 2018 — SleepScore Labs™, the company behind the most advanced non-contact sleep improvement system for consumers, today announced exciting results from its latest, scientific validation study. The study found that Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses from SleepScore ecosystem partner, Swanwick Sleep, contributed to measurably improved sleep quality when worn after sunset.

SleepScore Labs built its unique ecosystem of sleep products and services to help consumers find effective sleep solutions based on their own specific sleep patterns. Following a rigorous evaluation and testing process, SleepScore Labs data found that Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses – when worn when looking at electronic devices before bed – improved sleep by filtering out the blue wavelengths from laptops, tablets, and energy-efficient light bulbs that can interfere with sleep. After using Swannies glasses in the evening, users fell asleep faster, slept deeper, and felt more rested the following morning.

“SleepScore Labs’ ecosystem is advancing the science of sleep health by validating the efficacy of sleep-related products. In a market crowded with options, product validation is an essential part of our mission to help people sleep, feel and live better,” said Colin Lawlor, CEO of SleepScore Labs. “Our large and rapidly growing user base contributes helpful insights that are in turn leveraged to evaluate whether or not a sleep product is useful in supporting a better night’s sleep.”

Validated products and services within the SleepScore Labs ecosystem are scientifically evaluated and tested using SleepScore by ResMed technology. SleepScore Labs is backed by over 12 years of comprehensive research and development, including more than six million nights of objective sleep data with results extensively validated against polysomnography (PSG) – the gold standard in sleep measurement.

“According to the CDC , one-third of U.S. adults report that they usually get less than the recommended amount of sleep and the NSF reported two-thirds of the workforce experiences suboptimal sleep at least a few times a week,” said Roy Raymann, Ph.D., Vice President of Sleep Science and Scientific Affairs at SleepScore Labs. “Nighttime light exposure, especially to so-called ‘cool white’ light, which is very prominent in LED lighting, is likely to contribute to these numbers. LED lights at home and the use of mobile devices with LED screens during the evening are very common nowadays – and using blue light blocking glasses can help to counteract the sleep-disturbing effects.”

Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses were tested over a period of more than 600 nights of tracked sleep with multiple users and were found to produce statistically significant improvements in several aspects of perceived and objective sleep. For the nights that the study participants wore Swannies glasses in their homes before bed, the following benefits were observed:

  • Deeper sleep: Sleep measurements showed a 7 percent increase in the amount of deep sleep.
  • Better sleep: 73 percent of users felt Swannies improved their sleep, with a 37 percent improvement in feeling more rested in the morning. Data also showed that subjects were awake during the night for 24 fewer minutes on average.
  • Falling asleep faster: Respondents reported falling asleep 11 minutes faster on average, with a higher feeling of sleepiness at bedtime (33 percent improvement).

“The SleepScore Labs ecosystem enlists a powerful process to validate the benefits of using Swannies to improve sleep quality and combat sleepiness in the evening,” said James Swanwick, co-founder of Swanwick Sleep. “The data speaks for itself – people are falling asleep faster and sleeping deeper after wearing Swannies in the evening before bed.”

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SleepScore Labs™ was created to accurately measure sleep while connecting consumers to solutions that help people sleep, feel and live better. The company is a joint venture between ResMed, Dr. Mehmet Oz, and Pegasus Capital Advisors L.P. and is committed to advancing the science and technologies around sleep and overall health. Together with the foremost medical, health, and scientific experts from around the world, the company utilizes SleepScore™ technology powered by ResMed™ to provide the most accurate and advanced sleep improvement system for consumers together with data insights, product evaluation tools, and technology licensing opportunities for companies developing products and solutions in the sleep industry. SleepScore Labs was created in 2016 and is headquartered in Carlsbad, California, with an office in Dublin, Ireland.

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