Cookie Policy

Cookies and Similar Technologies

Version 1.0.0. Updated December 6, 2021

SleepScore uses cookies and similar technologies for several purposes, depending on your product or service, including:

  • Sign-in and Authentication: When you sign into the Application or Website using your SleepScore account, we store a unique code in an encrypted cookie on your device. This will allow you the ability to access without having to sign in each time you use the Application or Website.
  • Storing Preferences and Settings: Allowing you to save preferences and settings so that you do not have to be reset each time you use the Application or Website.
  • Security: Utilizing cookies to detect fraud and abuse of our Applications, Websites and services.
  • Affiliate Marketing: When you select to go to a partner website to learn more about or purchase a Marketplace or Recommended product we store the data in a cookie and other similar technologies to help facilitate your experience by embedding provide information and associated coupon code where applicable.
  • Social Media: To provide ability to share content on social media we may include social media cookies to provide such a service feature.
  • Reporting Bugs and Feedback: We may use cookies to allow you to report product issues and feedback on the Application or Website.
  • Analytics and Performance: To provide our products and services, we use cookies and other similar technologies to gather usage, performance data and for use in back-end activities to ensure the respective Applications and Websites remain up and running in an efficient manner. For example, we use SleepScore and third-party analytic partner cookies to monitor number of unique visitors to develop statistics about operations of our products and services.

In addition to the cookies and other similar technologies SleepScore sets when you visit our Application and Website properties, third parties may also set cookies when you visit our sites which in many cases are parties we have hired to provide services on our behalf including site performance analytics or content. In such cases you may be connected to those third-party servers to retrieve that content or services and they may be able to set or read their own cookies on your device and collect information about your online activities.

To help us monitor site performance analytics we use web beacons or similar technologies from third-party analytics providers. These technologies enable the analytics providers to set or read their own cookies or other identifiers on your device, through which they can collect information about your online activities across applications, websites or other products. However, we prohibit these analytics providers from using web beacons on our sites to collect or access information that directly identifies you (such as your name or email address). You can opt out of data collection or use by some of these analytics providers by clicking the following links:


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