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SleepScore Labs Validates Smart Nora As An Effective Way to Reduce Snoring

By: SleepScore Labs  |  February 12th, 2019

Smart Nora minimizes the severity of snoring, resulting in better sleep for snorers and their partners


CARLSBAD, Calif. — February 12, 2019SleepScore Labs, the company behind the world’s most accurate sleep app and curated store of sleep products, today released research results showing that Smart Nora reduces snoring to improve sleep. The study found Smart Nora decreased the amount of snoring, in turn improving perceived sleep of both the individual who snores and their partner. Additionally, objective sleep measurements showed, as a result, partners of snorers spent less time awake during the night when Smart Nora was used.


Smart Nora is the contact-free and comfortable snoring solution that is designed to stop snoring without waking the snorer. Before snoring sounds disturb a sleeping partner, Smart Nora silently and gently raises the users’ head using a soft pad that sits under their pillow. This slight movement triggers snoring to stop and allows for natural breathing to resume. The thoughtful design eliminates the need for any contact with the user’s face, mouth, or nose. Tens of thousands of couples use Smart Nora every night.


The validation study completed by SleepScore Labs found that, when snorers used Smart Nora, their partners reported that the snoring was significantly less loud and less severe.


“One out of three adults snore, and some studies even report numbers as high as 86 percent of men and 57 percent of women1,” said Roy Raymann, Ph.D., Vice President of Sleep Science and Scientific Affairs, SleepScore Labs. “Severe snoring can cause frequent awakening and daytime sleepiness, but snoring can also disrupt the sleep of the partner. Our SleepScore Labs validation study revealed that Smart Nora can help both snorers and their partners in getting better sleep as a result of decreased snoring.”


“Snoring can be a big social problem, but there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution,” said Michiel Allessie, Vice President Snoring, SleepScore Labs. “You could be a nose snorer, a mouth snorer, a positional (back) snorer or a mixed snorer. Based on real data captured by our apps, SleepScore Labs suggests the right product to solve your specific snoring problem – and for many people, that could be Smart Nora.”


In the validation study, Smart Nora’s were tested using SleepScore technology by ResMed and snoring detection technology by by couples who cited snoring as a sleep disturbance. The data revealed the following findings:


  • Among partners, a 16 percent decrease in the objectively measured amount of time spent awake was observed when snorers used Smart Nora
  • Partners’ reported a 30 percent drop in sleep disruption due to snoring when their snoring partner was using Smart Nora
  • Snorers reported improved sleep when using Smart Nora, including 38 percent fewer awakenings at night
  • 90 percent of snorers felt it was easy to fit Smart Nora into their nightly routine
  • 78 percent of snorers reported Smart Nora was better than alternate snoring solutions tried in the past
  • 72 percent of snorers would recommend Smart Nora to their close friends and family


“Every single day we receive heartfelt thank you notes and “You saved our marriage!” proclamations from our customers,” said Behrouz Hariri, CEO and co-founder at Smart Nora. “SleepScore’s study is a great illustration of the lifestyle benefits that thousands of couples are experiencing with Smart Nora. We are especially interested in how sleep affects our relationships, intimacy, and mental wellbeing. Waking up refreshed and with energy for the day is a great boost for any relationship.”


SleepScore Labs is backed by 13 years of comprehensive research and development, including more than seven million nights of objective sleep data. SleepScore’s sleep measurement technology is powered by ResMed and has been validated extensively against polysomnography (PSG) – the gold standard in sleep measurement.


SleepScore Labs developed its unique online store of curated and validated sleep products and services to help consumers find effective sleep solutions based on their own specific sleep patterns.

Visit the SleepScore Store for more information about its products and how to improve sleep. Connect with SleepScore Labs on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The SleepScore App is free to download for Android via Google Play and iOS devices from the Apple App Store.


About SleepScore Labs

We’re the sleep company changing the world by changing the way you sleep. Founded in 2016, SleepScore Labs™ features a team of sleep experts from ResMed, Harvard, and Apple, all driven by a shared purpose: to unlock human potential through the power of sleep. After studying millions of hours of sleep for over a decade, we created the world’s most accurate sleep app and a curated store of products so you can have a happier, healthier and more productive life. We’re a joint venture between ResMed, Dr. Mehmet Oz and Pegasus Capital Advisors L.P, with headquarters in Carlsbad, California, and an office in Dublin, Ireland. We utilize SleepScore™ technology powered by ResMed™ to provide the most accurate and advanced sleep improvement system for consumers along with data insights, product evaluation tools and technology licensing opportunities for companies developing products and solutions in the sleep industry.


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About Smart Nora
Smart Nora builds products that promote wellbeing and enhance quality of life. Our debut product is the is an innovative, contact-free snoring solution that reduces snoring without interrupting the sleep of the snorer or their partner.

The solution has improved sleep for tens of thousands of couples around the world and has been featured in numerous publications including Oprah’s Favorite Things, Good Morning America, New York Times, Today, and BBC. Smart Nora is based in Toronto, Canada. Visit to learn more.




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1Kryger M, Roth T, Dement W (ed.), Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine (5th Edition), St. Louis: Elsevier

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