The Journey To
Better Sleep Starts Here

Sleep. That’s all we do.

SleepScore Labs is 100% dedicated to the improvement of sleep — it’s the only thing we do.

Just like Maps on your phone, your journey to better sleep starts with a detailed understanding of your current position. With SleepScore Max™, the personal SleepScore received after your first night’s sleep explains your current position – and then kicks off a journey that doesn’t end until you reach your sleep improvement goal.

Your road to better sleep continues to improve each night as our proprietary technology provides detailed sleep information via an intuitive dashboard and advice guide. You’ll receive science-backed personalized advice, manageable lifestyle changes, and evaluated product recommendations that have helped thousands of others with a similar sleep profile. And like your GPS, if one direction isn’t getting you to your goal, a new course is chosen.

Unparalleled Accuracy and Insight

Featuring over 10 years of research and analysis across 3 million nights of sleep, SleepScore Max is backed by patented SleepScore™ by ResMed technology – delivering the world’s most accurate insights, advice and in-depth data about every stage of your sleep. All of this is reviewed and curated by some of the world’s best sleep experts.

Ready to Start Your Journey?

Understand and Improve Every Stage of Your Sleep

Featuring patented SleepScore™ technology based on 3 million nights of sleep developed over 10 years, this intuitive app provides insight into your sleep environment and delivers an in-depth analysis into every stage of your sleep. That information is used for empowering you to make manageable lifestyle changes and suggest products that have helped thousands of others with a similar sleep profile to yours.


Recommends sleep products and solutions that are tailored to your sleep profile and validated by SleepScore Labs


Provides personalized, science-based advice to help you improve your sleep; platform has been refined in over four years of development and the analysis of over 2 millions nights of data


Compare your nightly sleep to an ideal night for your age and gender


Designed to gently wake you at the ideal time in your sleep cycle, so you rise feeling rested and ready for the day


App syncs seamlessly with your smartphone device via Bluetooth


Set your sleep goals and track weekly progress towards your best night's sleep


Receive comprehensive sleep report to share with your doctor on demand


Bio-motion sensors measure respiration and body movement to accurately quantify your sleep


Your bedroom environment is measured for temperature and light


Features the highly advanced and precise SleepScore by ResMed™ technology, verified in academic and clinical studies