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SleepScore Labs and International Flavors & Fragrances Innovate in Groundbreaking Sleep Partnership

By: SleepScore Labs  |  January 5th, 2020

Companies Collaborate to Create New World-Leading Consumer Sleep Products

CARLSBAD, Calif. — January 5, 2020 — SleepScore Labs, the company behind the world’s most comprehensive suite of data-backed sleep solutions, today announced an unprecedented partnership with IFF, a leading innovator of taste, scent and nutrition ingredients, to create and validate products designed to support healthier lives through improved sleep. 

This partnership is groundbreaking in the world of consumer sleep products, where mostly anecdotal evidence abounds around sleep improvement products, rather than scientific proof.  Scent, specifically, has significant potential as a non-invasive, non-addicting means of supporting sleep.  With over 70% of the developed world impacted by poor sleep and the resulting adverse effects on overall health, weight and productivity, IFF recognized that SleepScore Labs was uniquely positioned to help them identify the most promising scent ingredients to test, and then support those findings with more robust scientific field research.   

“This partnership marks a strategic decision by IFF to extend our leadership in the “beyond sensorial” market,” said Nicolas Mirzayantz, IFF’s Divisional CEO, Scent. “Together we will build on IFF’s Consumer and Sensory Science knowledge and SleepScore’s best-in-class data capture and analysis capability to deliver validated scent-based sleep solutions for consumers.”  

Since the start of 2018, both companies have been collaborating on a sleep fragrance, and since then, have gathered over 6,500 nights of objective sleep data together. As a first step in this collaboration, SleepScore clinically tested an initial scent creation prototype – a pillow spray — specifically designed to support healthy sleep. Results of the counter-balanced, double-blind, placebo-controlled study revealed that the scent provided the greatest benefit to healthy sleepers. Objective sleep measurement showed that participants spent 26% less time awake at night after falling asleep when they used the scent. These scientifically-proven results support the development of new product categories designed to help consumers sleep better.   

To obtain the insights, SleepScore Labs scientists conducted a study to test the effectiveness of a scented pillow spray over 800 nights, taking both self-reported data and objective sleep measures every night. Objective sleep measures, which is critical to understanding the potential value scented products have on sleep, were collected using  SleepScore technology powered by ResMed, a pioneering authority on innovative medical devices that help people lead healthier, higher-quality lives.  

 “Our work with IFF is just one example of how SleepScore is the only company in the sleep space able to incorporate measurement, data, and actionable insights to help organizations strengthen their health and wellness offerings.” said Colin Lawlor, CEO at SleepScore Labs.  

“IFF’s approach sets a great example of how cross-disciplinary sleep innovation should ideally be managed,” said Dr. Roy Raymann, Chief Scientific Officer at SleepScore Labs. “By combining our expertise in objectively validating sleep products, with IFF’s deep knowledge of fragrances and ingredients, together we can ultimately help consumers get a better night’s sleep.” 

For over a decade, SleepScore Labs has studied millions of hours of sleep in an effort to help people live happier, healthier and more productive lives. The partnership with IFF reinforces SleepScore Labs’ commitment to ensuring consumers purchase products that not only claim to optimize sleep, but also help consumers achieve a more complete, restful night’s sleep.  

For over 130 years, IFF has been using artistry, science, and expertise to create unique and unexpected scents, tastes, experiences and ingredients for the products our world craves—from global iconic brands to indie startups. Driven by their purpose – To redefine & transform how we live in and care for the resources of our world – IFF is committed to do more good, question everything, and champion creators. 

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Visit SleepScore Labs and IFF at CES 2020, Booth #44149 in Las Vegas, NV, January 7-10. 

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About IFF 

At IFF (NYSE:IFF) (Euronext Paris: IFF) (TASE: IFF), we’re using Uncommon Sense to create what the world needs. As a collective of unconventional thinkers and creators, we put science and artistry to work to create unique and unexpected scents, tastes, experiences and ingredients for the products our world craves. Learn more at, Twitter , Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. 


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