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In an industry rife with false claims, hyperbole, and fake reviews, SleepScore provides you with objective, actionable, evidence-based insights to help drive your innovation roadmap and validate current product claims. This helps the consumer make better, more informed decisions with higher confidence, driving increased sales and marketing outcomes.

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“We have leveraged the conclusions to underpin several marketing campaigns around the sleep benefit. We continue to use these assets in our marketing efforts today. It creates a unique lane for our air purifier products that competitors cannot match.”

- Warburg Lee, CEO and Founder, Alen

“This eye-opening study from SleepScore Labs showcases the impact of blue light on our sleeping habits and how beneficial using an EyeJust screen protector is to a restful night of sleep.”

- Gigi Mortimer, Founder and CEO, EyeJust

SleepScore Partnerships

Proven Sleep Science and Research Expertise: Partner with the Global Leader

Our sleep science and research team includes industry leaders with backgrounds in applied sleep science, behavioral science, data science and scientific research methodologies.

The SleepScore team has expertise substantiating marketing claims which deliver increased consumer confidence, wider differentiation from your competitors, and rapid innovation capabilities to ensure your products are best in class. Explore our past studies to learn about the power of having your sleep product SleepScore Validated. Explore our past studies.

Custom Designed Studies

Custom Designed Studies

We design each study around the nature of your solution, target consumer, and desired marketing claims. Leveraging over 200 million hours of sleep data, we recruit participants based on objective sleep metrics in addition to qualitative demographics.

Best in Class Measurement

Everything we do at SleepScore is grounded in science, including our sleep measurement and analysis. We collect sleep data using proprietary, non-contact RF based sleep tracking technology, which has been validated against Polysomnography (PSG) in over 14 separate peer-reviewed studies.

Best in class
Robust research

Robust Research Methodology

Our sleep science expertise can deliver turnkey studies quickly and affordably, including design, IRB review, participant recruitment, data collection, participant compliance, data analysis, marketing claims substantiation, and final report preparation. We can also work with partners to publish studies in scientific journals and present at conferences.

Data-Backed Marketing Claims: Transforming Sleep Research into Actionable Insights

SleepScore is dedicated to improving sleep by helping to develop and validated products which are proven to work. Our commitment to accuracy, reliability, and delivery of substantiated marketing claims ensures that both consumers and product developers have the information they need to confidently implement sleep solutions that will make an impact.

As we have proven in over 180+ product validation studies, our partners have been confidently making quantified, proven claims:
"Our product helped reduce the time spent awake during the night by 28% measured using SleepScore tech"
"91% of participants felt our product helped improve their sleep"
"Our product helped people get an extra 6 hours of deep sleep per month measured using SleepScore tech"
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