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What to Expect from the On-Demand Sleep Report for Your Doctor?

By: SleepScore Labs  |  January 9th, 2018

Millions of Americans suffer from undiagnosed sleep issues. Epidemiological data from The Sleep Index showed for instance that while 25 percent of the population has sleep apnea, only 12% are diagnosed, leaving 13% fending for themselves for treatment. Other common sleep disorders like insomnia and restless leg syndrome are also likely to go untreated. SleepScore and the experts at SleepScore Labs recognize that it needs to be easier to understand if you suffer from symptoms of these disorders, and how to take proactive steps to treat the issues with the help of your physician. The Sleep Report for Your Doctor is the next step to understanding your sleep behavior and allowing your physician to prescribe treatment options. We’ll outline what the reports include, what you should expect from them, and the benefits of these reports.

What’s Inside of this Report?

The Report for Your Doctor can be provided on demand for Premium SleepScore users. The on-demand Report for Your Doctor can be found in the Settings of your SleepScore app, under the Premium Access, titled Sleep Report for Your Doctor. Premium users can also view this at any time by logging into their online portal. Once you click this link, an email will be sent to you with a downloadable PDF. This document provides detailed insights into the last 30 nights of your recorded sleep with SleepScore.

You’ll see data on your SleepScore, Total Sleep Time, Number of Awakenings, and other sleep metrics from the past 30 nights. The report then drills down further, providing deeper dives into your unique sleep patterns. The more often you track your sleep in a given 30-day period, the more nights will be covered and the more precise your data will be. This report can be accessed at any time, so it’s always readily available to you. This summary was designed by sleep advisors and is structured similarly to a report you might receive if you did a study in an overnight sleep lab.

How Does This Benefit Me?

The purpose of the report is to offer a way to start a meaningful conversation with your physician or healthcare professional. The sleep information that comes out of these insights will help facilitate a better understanding of your sleep concern by your doctor, and will more thoroughly inform your physician on your nightly rest over 30 days. The Sleep Report for Your Doctor can always be found in the Settings of the app. It’s ready for you at a moment’s notice, and will update with the most current 30-day data when you click the link.

Through gaining more knowledge about your sleep and using it to start a meaningful dialogue with your doctor, you’ll have the power to make proactive and significant changes to your overall lifestyle and sleep health. If you have questions about the Report for Your Doctor, email us at


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