Is sex good for your sleep?
Americans are doing “it” less often than they did in previous generations even with the help of essential oils.
At the same time, one-third of Americans reportedly don’t get enough sleep. Since most people who are having sex are doing it before bedtime, does your sex life affect the quality of your sleep? Before we give you the scoop on sex and sleep, you can get a baseline for how well you sleep now by downloading the free SleepScore App.
What Happens During Sex?

Sex triggers the release of some hormones that may directly contribute to better sleep. When you have sex, your body releases hormones and substances including:

  • Oxytocin (the cuddle hormone)
  • Dopamine (the pleasure hormone)
  • Endorphins (another pleasure hormone)
  • Serotonin (the happy chemical)
  • Prolactin (the post-orgasm hormone that lets you doze off easily)

Some of these hormones and chemicals counteract cortisol (a stress hormone). Overall, sex triggers hormones that make you feel bonded, safe, calm, rewarded, and happy. Because your blood pressure is also lower after sex, you can expect to feel relaxed, warm, and pain-free, which can all help you feel sleepier than you would without having sex.

Even if you don’t reach orgasm, sex itself can distract you from the stress of everyday life. When you’re thinking about you, your partner, or how your body feels, you aren’t thinking of work, bills, or other minutiae.


No Partner, No Problem
We recognize that sex with a partner isn’t always an option, but this shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a healthy sex life. For many people, self-love can create the same positive benefits as sex, including better sleep, lower stress levels, and an improved body image. This is especially true when you are able to reach climax.
Is Sex Before Bed a Good Thing?
We know sex or self-love makes you feel better, but can it really affect the quality of your sleep? In a study conducted by CQ University in Australia, Dr. Michele Lastella and his colleagues found that 64 percent of adults surveyed felt that sex resulting in an orgasm helped them sleep better. Even if you’re not having regular sex, you can start down a path to sleep improvement by downloading the free SleepScore app.

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Good Sex Life = Good Sleep (and Vice Versa)
Because of the effects that sex has on your body, it is very likely that a healthy sex life can contribute to better sleep. Alternatively, bad sleep can also negatively affect your sex life. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation can lower your testosterone levels and cause dysregulation of many of the hormones involved in sex. This imbalance can decrease your sex drive and counteract the positive and rewarding feelings you usually feel after sex.
Sex and Sleep – a 2 way Relationship

Sex and sleep share an undeniable, two-way relationship. Having more sex can help you get better sleep, and getting better sleep can boost your sexual vitality. The only way to determine how sex affects your own sleep is to get your recommended hours of sleep in and schedule some quality time with yourself or with your partner at least once per week.

A great way to evaluate whether you personally sleep better or worse after sex might be to track your sleep with a science-backed sleep tracking app like the free SleepScore App. and compare night tonight. If your score is higher after a night of passion, lucky you, your bedtime routine might include a little spark in the future!

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