Don’t Let Life’s Stresses Ruin Your Sleep

Left your job? Moved to a new place? Started or ended a relationship? Major life events like these can affect us in different ways. Sometimes we welcome big changes like these and feel thrilled. Sometimes we feel disappointed or devastated. And other times, we have mixed feelings.

How do major life events affect sleep?

It’s no surprise that negative life events can have a negative impact on sleep. It’s not unusual to have trouble sleeping due to feeling upset about something that already happened or feeling worried about something that might happen in the future.

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Positive life events can impact your sleep too. You might feel so excited that it seems impossible to shut off your brain to get the rest you need. Maybe you can’t fall asleep because you keep imagining the big day ahead, or maybe you wake up early with a huge to do list in your mind. Even the happiest of occasions can involve a lot of stress – weddings and holidays are prime examples!

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When major life events lead to you travel away from home, your sleep can be affected as you adjust to the new environment. Using ear plugs, white noise, and even bringing along your own pillow can help you sleep better when you’re on the go. If your travel involves crossing multiple time zones, it will take your body clock a while to adapt to the new day-night cycle. Check out a jetlag calculator like the Timeshifter app to deal with the time change like a pro.

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How to cope with life’s biggest moments?

Major life events – whether good or bad – are a type of change, and feeling stress is a normal part of experiencing change. Stress can lead to poor sleep, and poor sleep can lead to more stress. When you’re exhausted, you’re more likely to perceive situations as stressful and less likely to feel you can handle stress.

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How can you break the cycle? Taking steps to improve your sleep is one place to start.

  • Try tracking your sleep to learn about your unique sleeping patterns.
  • Make sleep a priority in your life.
  • Adjust your schedule to make sure you’re allowing enough time for a good night’s sleep.
  • Learn how to improve sleep hygiene and other healthy habits.

There are many resources available to help you manage stress and get better sleep, whether it’s a wellness program through your employer, a meditation app on your smartphone, or professional help. Get started now, so you’ll be ready when the next major life event occurs.


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