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The SleepScore Max App Has Been Updated! Here’s What’s New

By: SleepScore Labs  |  May 18th, 2020

The latest and greatest SleepScore Max app update is finally here, and with it comes some big changes. From top to bottom layout updates to brand new features, SleepScore Max is just what you need to help you hit your sleep goals and feel


Hypnograms: How To Read A Hypnogram

By: SleepScore Labs  |  December 8th, 2017

Every morning when you wake, you’ll see your daily SleepScore, calculated using data gathered while you slept, along with your hypnogram and a summary of your sleep. While the hypnogram might look intimidating at first


How Can I Improve My SleepScore?

By: SleepScore Labs  |  December 8th, 2017

Now that you’ve gotten some nights of tracked sleep under your belt, you may be thinking, “What do I do with my sleep data?” Getting your SleepScore and understanding what it means is only half


What Is A Good Sleep Score

By: SleepScore Labs  |  December 8th, 2017

Have you ever been surprised by your SleepScore when you wake up in the morning? Maybe you thought you slept horribly, but your score was high. Or on the flipside, you felt like last night


Sleep Tracker: How The SleepScore Max Works

By: SleepScore Labs  |  October 24th, 2017

As you start logging more nights of sleep, you’ll notice that every night looks different. That’s because SleepScore Max monitors your sleep with pinpoint accuracy, picking up your transitions through the sleep stages and awakenings


National Stress Awareness Month

Stress Awareness Month 2024: Understanding the Impact of Stress on Sleep Quality

By: Skyler W  |  April 29th, 2024

As Stress Awareness Month 2024 comes to an end, SleepScore Labs is diving into the profound relationship between stress levels and sleep quality. Our latest analysis, drawing from a robust dataset of over 42,000 individuals


Concert lights in purple similar to what one might see at a concert or music festival

Can going to a music festival actually improve your sleep?

By: Skyler W  |  April 24th, 2024

Ok, maybe music festivals are not the best place to catch some zzz’s; for most people, the idea of using music as a sleep aid may be strange and even counterproductive. After all, music is


How To Sleep Better When You Travel: Pack a Sleep Kit!

By: SleepScore Labs  |  December 14th, 2023

If you’re among the over 100 million people traveling this holiday break, you know that holiday travel brings more time for fun visits with friends and family. But travel also brings challenges when it comes


People giving gifts while sitting in front of a Christmas Tree

Holiday Gift Guide 2023: Give the Gift of Healthy Sleep

By: SleepScore Labs  |  November 21st, 2023

The unique gifts in our 2023 holiday gift guide deliver a lifetime of healthy sleep habits, helping the people you care about get the benefits of restful sleep. Each item is validated by SleepScore Labs,


Group eating a holiday meal at the table

The Secret to a Happy Holiday: Create a Plan to Reduce Stress and Improve Sleep

By: SleepScore Labs  |  November 17th, 2023

There’s a reason you’re seeing more stories about the ways holiday stress impacts your health.  While stress about COVID-19 has decreased this holiday season, the perennial stress factors are still in play. What tops the


Sleepys Pillow Inserts

The Science of Scent and Sleep: Introducing Sleepy’s Scented Pillow Insert

By: SleepScore Labs  |  October 24th, 2023

In the quest for a good night’s sleep, many have turned to various solutions, but what if another option for a restful night’s sleep was right under your nose? Enter Sleepy’s Scented Pillow Insert, a


Person standing on a scale

TGIF…Maybe Not For Your Sleep? The Link Between Social Jetlag and Rising BMI: Unveiling Insights from SleepScore’s Sleep Measurement App

By: SleepScore Labs  |  October 5th, 2023

In recent times, the hustle and bustle of modern life have led to a phenomenon known as social jetlag. This occurs when there’s a mismatch between our body’s internal clock and the social clock, often


Spring winter change in a landscape with tree

How Seasons Affect Our Sleep: Unveiling the Sleep Patterns of Americans

By: SleepScore Labs  |  September 29th, 2023

Ah, the change of seasons! As days get shorter during winter and longer during summer, have you ever wondered how these seasonal shifts influence our sleep patterns? With the rise of sleep tech gadgets, we


sleep hygiene sleep quality

How Sleep Habits Impact Your Sleep Quality: Insights from Sleep Tech Data

By: SleepScore Labs  |  September 19th, 2023

Getting a good night’s sleep is a priority for many, but are you practicing the right sleep habits to ensure a restful slumber? Many of us might have heard about “sleep hygiene”, a set of


Woman stretching in the morning

Dr. Shona Halson Explains The Importance of Sleep

By: SleepScore Labs  |  March 8th, 2023

Many people are waking up to the importance of sleep. But what is sleep? Sleep occurs in all animal species, yet the exact function is not exactly clear. But we do know that sleep has


Notepad with goals list for 2024

You Snooze, You Win: Making More Sleep Part of Your New Year’s Resolution

By: SleepScore Labs  |  December 1st, 2022

The moment we’ve all been waiting for… the end of 2023! Although the turning over of the calendar year is only ceremonious, that doesn’t mean we can’t start off this new year on the right


Happy traveller: a woman packing her clothes into a suitcase, getting ready for a trip.

App Feature Highlight: Chat with a Sleep Coach

By: SleepScore Labs  |  November 10th, 2022

Have you tried everything and are still struggling to get the quality sleep you need? SleepScore’s newest feature, Chat with a Sleep Coach, can help you get an even more personalized sleep improvement experience. Our


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