Can’t stay asleep? Maybe it’s time for new bedding

August 28th, 2020

 When you think of your bed, visions of ultimate comfort, relaxation, and worry-free feelings should come to mind. If that’s not the case, it may be time to re-think what makes your bed and bedroom a sanctuary for sleep. Pillowssheets, comforters, and the like are all key elements that you might not think would make a big difference in your sleep, but the way our bodies work requires us to get the right level of warmth and comfort in order to get the sleep we need.  


As we get sleepy in the evening, our body temperature actually drops.


Temperature and your blankets 

As we get sleepy in the evening, our body temperature actually drops, and continues to drop while we sleep. This is the body’s way of conserving energy while at rest. Tied to this, we need to keep ourselves warm to prevent waking up with a chill. So really, sheets and blankets play a pivotal role in helping us stay asleep at night!  

You might not think you need to change up your bedding accessories, but if you’re struggling to stay asleep at night, this might be a key element you’ve overlooked.  

Finding the right sheet thickness or fabric type can be a good starting place. Higher thread counts offer more softness, while flannel sheets can provide an extra layer of warmth for particularly cool nights. Your top blanket or comforter is also something you’ll want to think about. Heavier top layers are a great option if you like feeling the weight on you while you sleep (in fact, SleepScore Labs’ validation study on Gravity Blanket found that participants spent 7% less time awake after falling asleep when using the weighted blanket). Lighter options are best if you run warm at night but still want a comfortable blanket topper.  

What about pillows?  

Asking someone what kind of pillow they prefer can result in a very emphatic answer. A 2018 tweet went viral after one user made the claim that fluffy pillow supporters were superior to flat pillow advocates. Two sides quickly formed and the debate was on.  

But there’s actually a lot to be said about a pillow’s impact on sleep. The experts say, yes, in fact pillows can be incredibly helpful or hurtful to sleep. The wrong pillow can leave you with neck pain or body discomfort, resulting in more awakenings and a restless night. The right pillow, as simple as it sounds, can keep you both supported and comfortable, resulting in one less reason you might wake up in the night.  

These slight tweaks to your bedding set-up can actually make a notable difference in your sleep! And the good news is they’re relatively inexpensive and non-invasive solutions you can try tonight.  

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