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Top 5 Tips to Survive the Day after the Big Game

January 23rd, 2020

The Championship game has become like a national holiday in the United States. People plan parties for weeks around the big day, complete with food, friends and drinks. Ahhh yes, the drinks. Often a few beers during the game roll into a few more after it ends, especially if your team wins…or worse, loses. Really, there’s only one fundamental flaw around the big game – it’s on a Sunday, which means you have to work the next day. Staying up later than usual and drinking more than normal can wreak havoc on your Monday in the office. From fatigue to headaches to lower productivity, it’s good to have a survival guide. Here are a few tips to keep you from fumbling at work on the Monday after the game.

Hangover Help

When it comes to booze, the obvious path is ‘less is more’. But unfortunately, sometimes the drinking gets ahead of us. When this happens, there are a few things you can do to make sure the next morning is a bit easier.

In the morning:

  • Fuel up on potassium – eating bananas can really make you feel better fast.
  • Hydrate! Water will be your hydration buddy all day to stay alert.
  • A good healthy breakfast will help you feel better quickly. Consider something hearty like eggs, bacon, and potatoes.

Salvaging your sleep

OK, so you stayed up later than your usual bedtime celebrating with friends after the game. While it’s best to try to keep consistency with the time you hit the hay, we’re all human and late nights are going to happen.

In order to keep your circadian rhythm intact – even after a late night, try to wake up at your normal time. It may be difficult to drag yourself out of bed, but it will be well worth the effort by keeping your body on a sleep schedule that it’s familiar with. If you can, find time to take a hot bath or shower before sliding into the sheets. The warm water will prepare you for sleep and encourage deeper relaxation.

Once you’ve finally made it to bed, make sure your bed is comfortable, and the room temperature is between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s also critical to make your bedroom as dark as possible. This includes drawing the blinds to reduce outside lights, turning off any LED lights, and even facing your alarm clock away from view. Finally, drink a glass or two of water before falling asleep to stay hydrated.

In the morning, before heading off to the office, there are a few surefire and easy ways to boost your energy for a more productive day.

Natural light

Once you wake up, get outside and soak in the sun. This helps maintain your internal clock, so it’s easier to wake up and go to bed at the right time every day. It also enables you to keep your sleep schedule on track, which should improve your sleep hygiene and help you maintain consistent, healthy rest.

Automatic coffee

While you’re waking up, make your coffee pot get to work for you by setting it to brew automatically in the morning. The aroma of coffee beans will help shake off a late night and because it’s one less thing to complete in the morning, you can take a few extra minutes getting out of bed.

Stretch it out

Taking a few minutes for light stretching or even a full set of yoga poses is a great way to achieve balance and wake your body up naturally. It can be as simple as stretching to touch your toes and doing a few lunges, or as intensive as a full 10 pose yoga circuit.

When it comes to celebrating the final game of the season, the formula for getting the most out of your next day is simple. Drink smart, eat well, stay hydrated and practice these sleep tips. Even if your team doesn’t win, you’ll feel like an MVP.

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