SleepScore’s Picks: Best Lighting Products

By: SleepScore Labs  |  July 11th, 2018

The amount and type of light you experience during the day and before bedtime can have a noticeable impact on your sleep. Whether it’s finding ways to avoid harmful blue light from electronic devices, or having the right lighting in your bedroom, we have some illuminating products for improving your sleep. The SleepScore team has dug deep to find the best lighting protection products to empower your sleep. Block blue light, keep your sleep schedule in tact, and promote better sleep tonight with these incredible sleep-supporting devices.

Lighting Science GoodNight® Sleep-Enhancing LED Bulb

Standard light bulbs often produce too much blue light that can impact your circadian rhythm. GoodNight LED bulbs use patented spectrum technology developed by NASA to aid in the production of melatonin, the hormone that helps maintain your sleep-wake cycle.

Getting ready for bed is more than just brushing your teeth. Getting exposure to GoodNight LED lights allows your eyes and body to naturally ease into a restful state as you prepare for a long nights sleep, ensuring you wake ready to take on the day. The LSG GoodNight bulb is one of SleepScore’s validated products, so you can rest easy knowing we’ve tested this product to make sure it helps with a good night’s sleep.

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Swanwick Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses

As one of SleepScore’s validated products, Swanwick Swannies block powerful blue light and can be worn if you find yourself staring at your screen at bedtime. Available in a variety of sizes and colors for kids and adults, Swanwick products are FDA approved and not only help improve sleep cycles but can also ward off macular degeneration. Available in styles like classic, cat eye, aviator, and even kids sizes, you’re sure to look great while feeling great too!

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Swanwick Silk Sleep Eye Mask

Experts say that a completely dark bedroom is the best environment for sleeping. But making your sleep space dark can be a big challenge. The Swanwick 100% pure silk sleeping mask creates the optimal sleep environment no matter where you are. The luxurious silk softness blocks out the maximum amount of outside light, including light from reading partners or other unexpected sources.

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Nidra Dreams Eye Mask

Of all things, darkness is the greatest key to achieving a great night’s sleep. With the Nidra sleep mask, annoying light pollution will become a distant memory. The Nidra mask is designed to block out all light with its cutting-edge ergonomic design to ensure you catch Zzzs without sleep-disturbing light.

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