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Sleep in America! We’ve got the scoop.

By: SleepScore Labs  |  July 17th, 2019

Every night, every person on earth goes to sleep. And every day, the lifestyle habits we choose can have an impact on how well we sleep at night. Here at SleepScore Labs, we’ve been keeping an eye on how America is sleeping – and what they’re doing that could affect their sleep – and we have some cool data to share.

  • People that reported having 5 drinks or more, are on average, awake 20 minutes more at night.
  • On average people who had 5+ caffeinated drinks had about 13 minutes less total sleep than those who did not drink caffeine.
  • On average, people who sleep in a room with a temperature 65 degrees or lower sleep almost 30 minutes longer than those in a room with a temperature of 77 degrees or higher.
  • Exercise is positively related to the amount of sleep during the week.
  • People between 40 – 60 are getting the least amount of sleep.
  • Compared to people with normal weight, people with obesity show a 17 to 22 minute decrease in total sleep time. That’s a lot in sleep terms!

Keep checking back for more sleep data as we’re always updating how America sleeps with what we find. If you want to start discovering how your lifestyle choices affect your sleep, download the free SleepScore App today!

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