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What’s my MindScore and BodyScore?

By: SleepScore Labs  |  January 1st, 2018

As we all know, sleep is vital for looking and feeling our best each day. Your time in light sleep, deep sleep, REM sleep, and wake periods all play a role in the physical and mental energy you carry with you. We make it easy for SleepScore users to see how long they spent in each of these sleep stages at a glance. The MindScores and BodyScores that users see every morning are a direct reflection of what their physically and mentally restorative sleep cycles looked like the previous night.

Your MindScore

Your MindScore is a metric that tells you how mentally restorative your sleep was. It’s primarily calculated based on how much REM sleep you get each night. This is the phase of sleep where you store memories and regenerate the brain.

Say you get a MindScore in the high 80s. This would mean that your time in REM sleep was great for your age. You would likely feel mentally sharp and focused throughout your day!

Your BodyScore

Your BodyScore is a third metric that tells you how physically restorative your sleep was. This score takes your deep sleep into account. This phase of sleep is necessary for the revitalization of both the body and the immune system.

If for example, your BodyScore is in the 60s, your time in deep sleep was likely lower than optimal. You may feel physically tired or drained the following day as a result.

How do these tie in with my SleepScore?

Your SleepScore calculates the time in all of your sleep stages, plus any awakenings you have throughout the night. It then puts them into our advanced algorithm. We measure these quantities against known sleep averages for your age and gender to help produce your unique nightly SleepScore, rated from 0-100.

All three of these scores are meant to offer an easy way to view your nightly sleep patterns. Once you get familiar with each of these, you can start to take positive steps to increase each of these scores. With the help of the advice in your Sleep Guide, you’ll be on your way to your best night’s sleep in no time!

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