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What to Expect from Product Recommendations

November 15th, 2017

As you log more nights of sleep using you either the SleepScore app or SleepScore Max, you’ll likely be gaining a deeper knowledge of how sleep works, what happens during your nightly rest, insights into your personal sleep patterns, and ways you can improve your sleep through environmental and lifestyle changes and choices. In addition to providing an accurate picture of your nightly sleep and a summarizing SleepScore, our algorithm uses your nightly data, daily lifestyle input, and personal profile information to create a customized program to deliver actionable advice and help you find personalized product and service recommendations for your specific sleep issues.

We understand that there are many sleep products out there, making a variety of claims, and it can be difficult to navigate through the noise to find solutions that truly work for you. This is where SleepScore Labs comes in. Using the data gathered, we are able to prompt our users with tailored solutions that are most likely to improve their sleep. We do the research and legwork required to direct you to the best and most effective sleep products on the market, tailored to help you sleep better.

In this article, we’ll delve into how we source our product and service suggestions, our process of validating them, how and why we may suggest a certain product to you, and what you can expect from these recommendations.

How Do We Find Recommended Products?

SleepScore Labs is continually curating a collection of first-class, validated product recommendations designed to improve a variety of individual sleep needs. Our process of sourcing, vetting, and recommending these products is time intensive and centered around making sure that each product is validated by a sleep study, or has the necessary scientific research to back up its claims.

The process starts with researching the most innovative and popular sleep aid products on the market. These products include everything from pillows to biological lighting to sound machines and other sleep enhancing products.

We then begin our evaluation process, where we delve into the data, white papers, and peer-reviewed publications surrounding these products. We scrutinize this data to determine if it shows real improvement after using each product. If the products have numerous peer-reviewed objective studies that uphold their claims, our advisors evaluate the evidence. If there are no studies or limited research backing the product, we obtain product samples and have our internal panel of testers use the product. If their feedback is positive, and they respond that they would like to continue using the product, we then move on to product studies, lasting a minimum of 15-days, using members of our research pool. If we can observe improvement in that time frame from the objective sleep data captured by SleepScore by ResMed technology, we then approve the product for recommended use to our users.

Our Process of Recommending Products to You

It’s important to understand how we determine which product is right for your individual needs. The first piece of information we assess are the answers you provide in your personal profile. We take everything from your age and weight to your lifestyle and daily habits into consideration. Then, we look at the answers you provide in the Log Your Day section of the app. These answers give us even greater insights into your daily behaviors and lifestyle habits that may affect your sleep. Lastly, we evaluate your nightly objective sleep and environmental data such as average bedroom temperature, lighting, and sound levels. We then compile this data to determine your personalized solutions.

Similar to the daily insights and pieces of advice you receive, any product recommendations you receive will appear in your Sleep Guide.

What You Can Expect from Our Recommendations

Because everyone’s sleep is unique and sleep health science advances over time, our list of trusted products is always growing and being refined. We observe patterns in your behaviors, sleep, and environment and, over time, are able to determine your most prominent sleep issues and point you out to the product that really can help you improve your sleep. If for example, you’re waking up too often and we detect sound events in your bedroom, we might recommend a particular sound machine that is proven to mask noise and promote sounder sleep. Or say you are having a hard time falling asleep, and you reported to feel a little stressed out lately, we might recommend a pillow with soothing sounds, proven to help you fall asleep. All of our recommendations are over-the-counter products that can be purchased easily without a doctor’s prescription (although we can provide you with a report if you need to see a doctor regarding your sleep).

We aim to help every SleepScore user feel empowered to make educated decisions about their sleep health, and our product recommendations are an integral part of achieving this goal. Through our daily advice in the Sleep Guide and regular product recommendation insights, our users should start to feel the benefits of improved sleep in no time at all. For more information about our product recommendations, visit our website or contact us today.

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