5 Valentine’s Day Ideas for You or Your Partner

By: SleepScore Labs  |  February 6th, 2019

Cupid’s birthday, the day of love, single’s awareness day — whatever you want to call it, Valentine’s Day is here. Some spend it with a partner and all the roses money can buy, while others pretend this day doesn’t exist while they dive into a new Netflix original series. Wherever you stand on this day of hearts, you can use it as an excuse to pamper yourself or your loved one for great sleep and a healthier lifestyle. These ideas can have everyone sleeping more soundly and feeling better every single day!

Perfect for your partner!

Beautifully dark

Shower them in luxury with the silky smooth Swanwick Eye Mask, made with 100% black silk. This deluxe mask feels heavenly on the face and will keep it dark for a night full of ZZZs.

Peace and quiet

If you and your partner engage in some romantic affairs this Valentine’s Day, one of you may have slipped blissfully into dreamland, leaving the other to endure the sounds of their contented snoring. Sound familiar? Now you can say goodbye to squabbling over a partner’s snoring. Try the non-invasive Smart Nora, named one of Oprah’s favorite things!

Treat yourself!

Refreshing scents

You may think aromatherapy is only for hippies, but research tells us that scents like lavender can actually help us sleep better! Try a variety of Scentered Aromatherapy scents in handy mini-balms to deliver stress relief, better sleep, focus, escape, and happiness.

Relax and de-stress

Relieve stress and bring a sense of peace to your body with the Proper Weighted Blanket, perfect for relaxing to enter a blissful night of sleep.

Other ideas

Spring Clean

Not ready to invest in any of these new features? Not a problem! Spending an hour or two spring-cleaning your bedroom takes zero dollars but makes you feel better about your sleep space – which in turn brings on satisfied sleep. Declutter your nightstand and dresser, dust off any surfaces, wash your comforter and sheets, and open the windows. When bedtime rolls around, you’ll be loving your fresh-feeling bedroom! If you’ve got a sleeping partner, they too will likely benefit from the spring cleaning. Those who sleep alone can bask in the cleanliness a little longer —often it takes more time to re-clutter a room if it’s just you creating the mess!

Single, married, actively looking, or otherwise, with these ideas, you’ll know at least you can count on a good night’s rest.

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