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3 Out of the Box Mother’s Day Ideas to Pamper Mom

By: SleepScore Labs  |  April 29th, 2019

Mom, madremajka, whatever you call her, we can all agree that moms are the ones who never give up on usWe may forget to give them their due credit from time to time, but Mother’s Day is the chance to make up for a year of busy schedules and forgotten phone calls! When it comes to sleep health, being deprived of Zzzs may seem compulsory to motherhood. We think it’s time to challenge that notion. Mom can still get the sleep she needs while taking amazing care of her family. We’ve got 3 ideas for family members to help mom get great sleep for her health, her beauty – and her life!  

Give mom her wind-down time 

Creating a regularly occurring wind down routine can make a huge difference for falling asleep in a reasonable time and even staying asleep through the night. If mom always tries to do too many things before bed, stop by a night or two one week and help her out with the tasks if you live nearby. Work together on a plan to get chores done early in the evening even if you’re not able to be there so she can start establishing a “nighttime routine without the burden of tasks hanging over her head. The goal is to ensure she has 30 minutes to a full hour of wind-down time, where she can create her own unique nightly routine. Some of our favorite wind-down activities include: 

  • Dimming the lights 
  • Brushing teeth and washing face 
  • Using aromatherapy to relax 
  • Taking a few moments for some deep breaths or even mediations 
  • Reading a paperback book or listening to a podcast 
  • Bedtime!  

Pamper her with gifts 

Now that mom has her wind down time in placeconsider a few amazing self-care gifts to help her relax and unwind each night. From aromatherapy balms and facial oils to sound machines and bath salts – anything that helps her de-stress from the day will help mom fall sleep  and stay asleep – easier each night.  

Help her rise right 

Groggy mornings don’t have be the expected wake-up scenario for Mom. You can help mama bear wake up feeling more refreshed and ready to tackle her day with a smart alarm, like the one in the SleepScore App. This alarm selects the best moment in your wake-up time frame based on the stage of sleep you’re in. Once you enter the most optimal sleep stage, the alarm wakes you. Waking up in a fog will become a thing of the paststarting her day with energy and vigor. 

There’s no doubt that moms have given us so much of their time and energy so we can flourishIsn’t it time to give a little back? Prioritizing her sleep health may not be the first thing you think of when selecting a gift for mom, but a healthy mom is a happy mom and no one deserves more happiness than the woman who made you the stellar person you are today!  

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