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Snoring is serious

One out of four people in the world snore and it’s more than just annoying. Snoring increases the risk of cardiovascular health problems and is often a pre-indicator for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) which can be life-threatening.


Not only does snoring result in daytime tiredness, it creates frustration and resentment between couples because:

  • Your partner’s quality of sleep is disturbed
  • Sexual intimacy is reduced
  • The snorer’s required to sleep in a different room
Does your partner snore?

Do you snore?

What kind of snorer are you?

Mouth Snorer

Nose Snorer

Tongue Snorer

Fortunately there are products that can help

The nightly grind
Teeth grinding (bruxism ) at night affects seven percent of sleepers. More concerning, bruxism creates muscular pain, headaches, shortening of teeth and even damage to the bone structure of the jaw.
You can reduce or stop grinding fast.

People that suffer from sleep disorders

teeth grinding

obstructive sleep apnea


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