SleepScore Product Evaluation
Our pledge. Your assurance.

Curated Products

The SleepShop features a wide range of products carefully curated by SleepScore Labs’ team of researchers to ensure that all products we recommend meet the following high standards:

  • Known to be beneficial for sleep
  • Proven to be a trusted brand
  • Has received consistently positive reviews
  • Has clearly indicated any possible side effects
  • Has shown broad consumer appeal (no restrictions in use) but not a ‘cure-all’
  • Features durable construction with quality materials or ingredients
  • The SleepScore Labs curated products are recommended options in their respective categories.

Validated Products

In addition, SleepShop products that receive ‘validated’ status have been evaluated at a higher level:

  • Shown to improve sleep in a SleepScore Labs scientific validation study or
  • Scientific evidence of sleep improvement published in peer-reviewed journal

SleepScore validated badgeThe SleepScore Labs ‘validated’ icon is your assurance that the product is backed by science. 

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