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Discover products that truly enhance your sleep with SleepScore Validated™️. Backed by rigorous testing and scientific studies conducted by SleepScore Labs, our validation seal provides assurance of reliability and effectiveness.

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What does it mean to be SleepScore Validated?

SleepScore Validated products have demonstrated sleep improvement in rigorously designed, at-home sleep studies. Our validation process involves testing products in real-world settings to ensure results will translate to the consumer experience.

Why Choose SleepScore Validated?

  • Scientifically Tested: SleepScore Validated products undergo rigorous scientific testing, providing evidence of their ability to enhance sleep quality.
  • Compliance with FTC Guidelines: SleepScore Validated™ products comply with the latest FTC guidelines, providing legal assurance for marketing claims.
  • Consumer Confidence: Validated products gain consumer confidence, enhancing trust and credibility in the marketplace.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: We utilize advanced, PSG-validated sleep tracking technology for precise assessments of product effectiveness and sleep improvement.

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Ensure your product meets the highest standards and gains consumer trust with SleepScore validation studies. Our robust approach provides credible evidence for product effectiveness and complies with industry guidelines.

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