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Step One
Get your score

Your journey to better sleep begins the first night you use SleepScore, and that journey doesn’t end until your sleep improves.

Step Two
Detailed sleep analysis

Using just your smartphone microphone and speaker capabilities to track and measure your breathing rate and body movement, SleepScore provides insight into your sleep environment and delivers an in-depth analysis into every stage of your sleep. And we never record anything. Ever.

Step Three
Science-backed advice

Based on your sleep data, receive personalized advice and recommendations for improving sleep and discover products that have helped thousands of others with a sleep profile similar to yours. Once your sleep goals are achieved, SleepScore helps you maintain restful nights so that you feel better, look better – live better.

Step Four
See your progress

Track your score over time to see how your sleep is improving and spot trends that can help keep you on the path to consistently great sleep!

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SleepScoreTM Powered by ResMedTM Technology is unparalleled in its accuracy, validated in over 12 peer reviewed studies.

Have a Good Night
Sleep better with a single app

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Nightly SleepScore provides in-depth analysis of the quality and quantity of your sleep
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Detailed breakdown of your sleep stages including duration, time to fall asleep, light, deep, and REM sleep
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Set a smart-alarm for waking at the ideal time of your sleep cycle
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Provides personalized, science-backed advice from the world’s top sleep experts
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Compares your nightly sleep to an ideal night for people your age and gender

How it works

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Available on iOS or Android

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Get your SleepScore

Measuring your breath and body movements, you’ll receive details about each stage of your sleep in a score calculated from 0-100

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Receive advice

Analyzes 32 different parameters of your sleep before providing any sleep advice or recommendation

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See your progress

Follow your improvement over time with in-depth graphical representation and sleep history

What's the difference between Free and Premium?
Sleep tracking
Smart alarm
Seven night sleep history
Chat with a Certified Sleep Coach
Entire sleep history
Personal trends
Personal recommendations
Self-generated sleep report for doctor
Web portal
Weekly Report with Sleep Insights
Beyond Sleep Tracking
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Download the SleepScore app for FREE now!