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”This eye-opening study from SleepScore Labs showcases the impact of blue light on our sleeping habits and how beneficial using an EyeJust screen protector is to a restful night of sleep.”

-Gigi Mortimer, Founder and CEO, EyeJust

“With SleepScore's unique ability to accurately measure the impact of specific products on sleep, IFF felt confident that this new strategic partnership would help identify scent solutions designed to promote better sleep. These solutions will be backed by big data, based both on IFF's Consumer and Sensory Science knowledge, as well as SleepScore's world-class analytical capabilities.”

- Nicolas Mirzayantz, IFF Divisional CEO, Scent

“We have leveraged the conclusions to underpin several marketing campaigns around the sleep benefit. We continue to use these assets in our marketing efforts today. It creates a unique lane for our air purifier products that competitors cannot match.”

- Warburg Lee, CEO and Founder, Alen

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