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SleepScore Labs Announces Successful Results from Randomized Controlled Trial of Their Digital Sleep Improvement Program

By: Skyler W  |  May 15th, 2024

CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA , UNITED STATES, May 15, 2024 / — Carlsbad, California, United States – May 15, 2024 – SleepScore Labs is excited to announce the positive topline results of a randomized controlled trial of the Dein Schlaf Dein Tag app by SleepScore Labs. Under the guidance of principal investigator Professor Christoph Schoebel, a distinguished leader in sleep medicine in Germany, preliminary results of the randomized controlled trial will be presented at the prestigious SLEEP 2024 Meeting in Houston, Texas, a joint meeting of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the Sleep Research Society.

The randomized controlled trial, which included 412 individuals with poor sleep, showed that participants using the Dein Schlaf Dein Tag by SleepScore App reported significant improvements in perceived sleep quality, overall sleep problems, and feelings of rejuvenation after sleep, both at the 6 and 12-week measurement periods as compared with the control group. Improvements in self-reported stress levels were also found at the 12-week time point.

“The magnitude and durability of positive care effects found in the study are exciting and further validate our hypothesis that personalized, adaptive, and engaging sleep improvement programs grounded in evidenced-based sleep, circadian, and behavioral science have the potential to improve population sleep health at scale,” said Dr. Elie Gottlieb, Ph.D., Lead Applied Sleep Scientist at SleepScore Labs and co-investigator of the trial.

The study highlights the efficacy of the Dein Schlaf Dein Tag app from SleepScore Labs, which is designed to objectively measure sleep via PSG-validated sonar methods and improve sleep by providing personalized, dynamic, and evidenced-based sleep and circadian advice and education founded in the principles of sleep hygiene and cognitive-behavioral skills. The successful outcomes of the study have paved the way for SleepScore’s attainment of full reimbursement from public insurers in Germany. This milestone has been made available to 74 million insured individuals in Germany, positioning it for expansion throughout the European Union. Germany, globally recognized as the second-largest healthcare market after the US, ushered in its Digital Healthcare Act in 2015, marking a significant shift towards preventive healthcare initiatives and fostering prospects for more such programs across the EU. Read more here:

The positive outcomes of the randomized controlled trial complement the recently launched SleepScore APIs seamlessly integrating their sleep improvement program with healthcare and wellness products and services.

“This research represents a massive leap forward by proving the utility of Consumer Sleep Technologies to improve population sleep and circadian health. No longer relegated to only monitoring or measuring sleep, SleepScore Labs now empowers users in their personal journey in pursuit of sleep optimization,” said Dr. Nate Watson, M.D., current chair of SleepScore’s Scientific Advisory Board and former president of both the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and American Board of Sleep Medicine.

These results support SleepScore’s mission to improve the accessibility and efficacy of sleep health solutions. It also marks a significant advancement in integrating scalable and personalized sleep improvement innovations into preventive healthcare across various fields.

In addition to presenting these data at upcoming scientific meetings, SleepScore expects to submit additional results from the trial to a peer-reviewed journal for publication in the coming weeks.

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