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With countless thousands of sleep products out there in the world, how do you know which one works for you – or works at all? As part of the world’s most advanced sleep system, our team of sleep experts test and evaluate every product in the SleepScore Store. Products with the SleepScore Validated Seal are those we consider the best of the best.

SleepScore Labs conducts product validation studies with SleepScore users to objectively measure a product’s effectiveness in improving sleep in real-life scenarios. Products with the validated seal have been shown to improve sleep in SleepScore Labs validation studies or peer-reviewed publications.

Thorough product evaluation:
including sleep claims, existing reviews, and materials or ingredients
Internal user testing:
Tested at home by an internal resource.
Validation study begins:
Users test product at home for 3-4 weeks, while measuring their sleep objectively using SleepScore technology.
Product Effectiveness Analyzed:
Objective and self-report sleep data analyzed by our sleep scientists.

Product shown to improve sleep

Product not shown to improve sleep
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When validating a product, our sleep experts look for a diverse range of people – age, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status – from across the US to participate.
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