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Nothing to wear, nothing in your bed – sleep improvement technology for nearly any smartphone
Good enough for bats,
good enough for us
We looked at bats to create the world’s most accurate sleep system. Similar to how bats navigate in the dark, SleepScore sends out sound waves from your phone’s speakers that bounce off your body and return to the microphone, analyzing every stage of your sleep.


Just breathe.
We’ll do the rest
Measuring your body movement and breathing throughout the night, SleepScore’s patented sonar technology requires only your phone’s microphone and speakers and nothing else. Our technology is the only technology validated in a polysomnography (sleep) lab.


And we never listen to, or recording anything. Ever.
SleepScore’s patented sonar technology is unlike anything else available in the world


Nothing to wear or place under your mattress – requires only your phone


Analyzes your sleep every 30 seconds


Measures 6000 of your breaths each night


The Aura
The story behind your SleepScore
Our inspiration
The swirling, shifting colors of the aurora borealis are a visual representation of the sleep stages that your mind experiences without memory nearly every night of your life. Your sleep is filled with so much unknown, yet so much importance. It’s when you recharge, heal and strengthen. Maximizing the potential and understanding of your sleep requires extensive research, testing, and analysis – the kind we’ve been doing for over a decade.


Your aura
is everything
Designed from the colors and fluid energy of the aurora borealis, your aura tells the story of your sleep.
Calculated by six sleep measurements
Based on analysis of over 6 million nights of sleep
Measured against known sleep averages for your age and gender
Your night in numbers
How your sleep is measured
Your SleepScore is calculated from the scores of the 6 variables in your nightly sleep cycle out of a total of 100.
Sleep duration
Total sleep time – 7 hours is recommended
Time to fall asleep
The time it took to fall asleep – 15 – 20 minutes is optimal
Light sleep
A foundational sleep stage where you could wake up easily
Deep sleep
The healing sleep stage good for physical rejuvenation
REM sleep
A dreamy sleep stage where creativity is enhanced
Wake Time
How often you woke up through the night for your age and gender


Meet the
When we say ‘good night’, it’s based on research and validation from some of the world’s most respected sleep experts.
Meet our sleep scientists and advisors. We have over 6 million nights of objective sleep data back up everything we do. Collectively, we have numerous published sleep studies, over 600 clinical reviewed papers, and an on-house team of researchers evaluating and validating consumer sleep products, and a sleep board who are involved with the most prestigious universities and organizations in the world. Science is at the core of SleepScore Labs.



Professor of Neurology, University of Washington



Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Roy Rayman


Vice President, Sleep Science and Scientific Affairs, SleepScore Labs



Professor of Surgery at Columbia University and nine-time Daytime Emmy® Award winner for The Dr. Oz Show

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