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Why is My SleepScore So High or Low?

Have you ever been surprised by your SleepScore when you wake up in the morning? Maybe you thought you slept horribly, but your score was high. Or on the flipside, you felt like last night


How to Extend Your REM Cycle

While all of the sleep stages are important, REM sleep plays a specific role in processing and storing information, allowing you to retain memories and lock down what you’ve learned during the day. Most of


Ideas For Extending Your Deep Sleep

If you find yourself getting the necessary hours of sleep at night but still feeling like your body hasn’t rejuvenated itself, you’re likely not getting enough deep sleep. This sleep stage is responsible for healing


How is Your SleepScore Calculated?

As you log more nights of sleep, you’ll start to get familiar with the various metrics SleepScore uses to measure your nightly rest. One of these metrics is your SleepScore. SleepScore technology was developed by


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