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According to the American Sleep Association, bruxism (teeth grinding) affects over 30 million people on a nightly basis. Not only is this disturbing to sleep, it disturbs partners. Learn more about products that can help.
Do I Snore or Grind App by SleepScore Labs
Do I Snore or Grind is a free mobile app that uses sound analysis to detect if and how often you are grinding or snoring. With the results, you can determine what course of action to take next to help alleviate your snoring or grinding.
Combat teeth grinding, clenching and jaw pain with this simple and effective sleep optimized, lightweight, BPA and latex free teeth guard.
Dental Duty
Stop teeth grinding, clenching, tooth chipping, jaw pain and headaches with an affordable and effective dental guard, Dental Duty. Moldable, hygienic and BPA and latex free.
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