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Get your best sleep with a personalized and adaptive program for lasting improvement beyond sleep tracking. SleepScore provides tailored solutions, custom insights, and advice from sleep experts, and more, all backed with over 300 million hours of contextual sleep data.

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This offer is applicable to new Premium users only. Existing and returning Premium users do not qualify to redeem the offer plan.

See how you can gain 10-26 additional hours of sleep per month after just 12 weeks in the program.

Premium Features

Sleep Goals
Set goals like fall asleep easier, wake up less, sleep longer, and more
Sleep Tracker
Non-contact, accurate sleep tracker provides a detailed analysis of your sleep cycle
Sleep Coach
Personalized sleep insights & advice informed by top sleep experts
Daily SleepScore
Easy-to-understand score based on the quality of your sleep
Sleep History
Lifetime sleep history with trend & correlation charts based on your sleep patterns and lifestyle analysis
Sleep Challenges
Start your guided path to change small behaviors for sleep improvement
Bedtime Reminder
Reminds you to relax and unwind
Sleep Sounds
Soothing sleep sounds to help you fall asleep faster
Smart Alarm
Smart alarm designed to gently wake you in the morning at the ideal time in your sleep cycle
SleepScore CheckUp
Continuous sleep monitoring, plus access to screeners if we detect signs of a more serious sleep disorder
Doctor Report
Comprehensive 30-day sleep report and screener results for sleep concerns to share with your doctor
Sleep Sanctuary
Measure and optimize the light, temperature, and sound levels in your bedroom

Your sleep improvement journey starts with these simple steps:


Get Your Score

Your journey to better sleep begins the first night you use SleepScore, and that journey doesn't end until your sleep improves.


Detailed Sleep Analysis

Using just your smartphone microphone and speaker capabilities to track and measure your breathing rate and body movement, SleepScore provides insight into your sleep environment and delivers an in-depth analysis into every stage of your sleep. And we never record anything. Ever.


Science-Backed Advice

Based on your sleep data, receive personalized advice and recommendations for improving sleep and discover products that have helped thousands of others with a sleep profile similar to yours. Once your sleep goals are achieved, SleepScore helps you maintain restful nights so that you feel better, look better - live better.


See Your Progress

Track your sleep score over time to see how your sleep improves and easily keep track of trends that can help keep you on the path to consistently great sleep!

Start experiencing better sleep with your 3-month Premium SleepScore App subscription to join thousands of other people who are part of a movement to make the world sleep healthier and live longer, healthier lives!

• Applicable to new Premium users only. • Existing and returning Premium users cannot redeem the offer plan. Content and features in the Premium Service may change. • The offer plan is for one-time use only.

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