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SleepScore Labs Unveils Latest Findings From 14 New Studies at SLEEP 2022 Conference

By: SleepScore Labs  |  June 6th, 2022

Research leveraging SleepScore’s expansive data collection advances science of sleep health across wide variety of themes.

CARLSBAD, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SleepScore Labs, the company behind the science of sleep improvement, will present fourteen new findings this week at SLEEP 2022 in Charlotte, North Carolina, the annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies, LLC (APSS). SleepScore’s scientific findings cover topics ranging from social jetlag and BMI, aging and chronotypes, and more, all derived from over 90 million hours of SleepScore’s proprietary longitudinal sleep data measured using SleepScore’s leading non-contact sleep technology.

The annual SLEEP meetings provide evidence-based education to advance the science and clinical practice of sleep medicine. It also disseminates cutting-edge sleep and circadian research and promotes the translation of basic science into clinical practice. SleepScore Labs is a leader among consumer sleep science companies in conference abstract publications, having published 35 studies since 2020.

One research topic presented at SLEEP 2022 focuses on social jet lag, a term used to describe the discrepancy in a person’s sleep schedules between work and free days (i.e., staying up late on weekends and then sleeping in to catch up). SleepScore Labs found that as we get older, our social jet lag decreases, but is never fully extinguished, highlighting how social factors beyond work hours likely affect our sleep timing even in older adulthood. This big data analysis also uncovered that social jet lag was associated with BMI, where a social jet lag of 60 minutes was associated with a 1.5 kg/m2 increase in BMI.

“The results from our big data and product validation studies being presented at SLEEP 2022 showcase our commitment to improving population sleep health and reinforce our leadership in the consumer health technology space,” noted Elie Gottlieb, PhD, SleepScore Labs Applied Sleep Scientist. “The breadth and impact of SleepScore’s applied sleep research sets a benchmark for how consumer sleep technologies should be harnessed to characterize sleep objectively, non-invasively, and across the lifespan at scale.”

Other findings presented at SLEEP 2022 include big data analyses on the age-related associations between chronotype and sleep-wake cycles, self-reported exercise and objectively measured sleep, the prevalence of sleep disorders among users of consumer sleep technology, gender-specific differences in self-reported factors attributed to sleep disruption, how using a diffused fragrance before bed may contribute to improved objective and perceived sleep, and more.

In conjunction with being selected to present at the conference, the company will also announce its call for Consumer Sleep Tech Grant Proposals to faculty and graduate students working in public or private research sectors. The program will supply successful grant recipients with SleepScore Max devices, the company’s flagship sleep measurement product, to objectively measure long-term sleep in the at-home, naturalistic environment.

“In partnership with the Sleep Research Society, the Consumer Sleep Tech Grant program will strengthen our ties with leading academic institutions by encouraging and supporting innovative research projects leveraging our PSG-validated and unique non-contact sleep measurement technology,” said Gottlieb. “These strategic academic partnerships are anchored in our mission to advance sleep science and bridge public policy, consumer sleep tech, and academia.”

These findings, along with SleepScore’s newly announced Grant program, all further the company’s mission of advancing the science of sleep health for millions of people globally. As an industry leader in consumer sleep research, the commitment to this level of sleep research provides strategic partners like IFF, Mattress Firm, and others with leading-edge sleep science to inform new product innovations and decisions.

About SleepScore Labs

SleepScore Labs is the company driving the science of sleep improvement. We’re changing the world by improving sleep, based on science and leading-edge technology. SleepScore Labs was founded in 2016 by a team of sleep experts from companies, institutions and organizations such as ResMed, Apple, Philips, and Harvard.

After studying over 90 million hours of sleep for over a decade, we offer a suite of services to help consumers improve their own sleep and companies improve their offerings in the space. Our flagship offerings, SleepScore and SleepScore Max, harness best-in-class non-contact technology to track, measure and improve sleep, where we’ve led hundreds of thousands of people on their journey to better sleep and wellness. Our enterprise offerings enable leading companies to strengthen their health and wellness services, proven through better sleep. Our membership and enterprise customers get access to a sleep improvement ecosystem that connects personalized sleep data, validated sleep solutions, and tailored actionable advice, all in one platform.

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