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SleepScore Labs Call for Sleep Research Grant Proposals

By: SleepScore Labs  |  June 22nd, 2022

In Partnership with the Sleep Research Society, SleepScore Labs is excited to announce its first edition of the SleepScore Sleep Research Grant designed to reward novel research projects leveraging consumer sleep technology to objectively measure and characterize longitudinal sleep in the at-home, naturalistic environment.  

With its unique non-contact (radiofrequency) and PSG-validated sleep measurement technology, the SleepScore Max device leverages patented ResMed technology built on 12 years of research with best-in-class performance validated in multiple published performance evaluation studies to date.

The SleepScore Max uses reflective low-power radio waves to measure breathing and whole-body movement. The SleepScore Max leverages novel validated algorithms incorporating whole-body movement, as well as respiratory rate and patterns to stage sleep. Sleep architecture and staging are not influenced by the use of sheets or blankets, nor by another bed partner, as these materials are transparent to radio waves at the frequency of operation and only individuals closest to the sensor are assessed. 

In addition to sleep architecture, the SleepScore Max provides researchers with data on ambient light levels, noise levels, and room temperature. SleepScore data view services provide 30-sec epoch sleep staging data and nightly averages.  

Two (2) grants are available with recipients receiving up to 30 SleepScore Max devices and data science support.

Eligibility Criteria 

Proposals are open to US-based full-time faculty, postdoctoral fellows, or doctoral or master’s-level graduate-level students working in public or private research sectors (college/university, laboratory institutes, hospitals). Proposals should involve the use of the SleepScore Max and include sleep-wake outcomes. 


  1. Proposal applications can be downloaded and completed by clicking here 
  2. Completed proposals and a copy of the principal investigator’s CV should be e-mailed as a PDF to 

Members of SleepScore Labs’ Scientific Advisory Board and Sleep Science Team will review applications for novelty/innovation, feasibility, and impact. Reviewing members include Dr. Roy Raymann, Dr. Nate Watson, Dr. Rafael Pelayo, Dr. Shona Halson, and Dr. Elie Gottlieb. 


Applications must be submitted by Friday, September 9. Winners will be announced Wednesday, September 21. 

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