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CES 2019: Advance Your High Tech For The New Year!

January 15th, 2019

Nationally Recognized Technology Trends Expert Offers An Insider’s Guide Of The Newest Developments The Tech World Has To Offer

NEW YORKJan. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — As the new year is ushered in, the excitement grows for the most cutting-edge developments in cell phone technology, home cinema, artificial intelligence and robotics, and more! Get the inside scoop from Scott Steinberg on the latest tech trends for 2019.

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  • IBM Weather Forecasting System: IBM’s Global High-Resolution Atmospheric Forecasting System (GRAF) is a new global weather forecasting system that will be capable of providing high-precision, local weather forecasting across the entire globe for the first time. This new system will give anyone that has The Weather Channel app on their phone, anywhere in the world, along with businesses a whole new level of accuracy. App users must opt-in before their location data can be collected and they may opt-out at any time. For more information visit
  • The LG Home Brew: Introducing LG’s capsule-based, fully automatic craft beer maker, allowing home brewers to make and enjoy their own cold, tasty beer in the comfort of their own home without the hassle. Simply place four capsules which contain malt, yeast, hop oil and flavoring into the machine before pressing the start button, to produce more than a gallon of your favorite beer. It automatically takes care of the whole brewing process, from fermentation, carbonation and aging, right through to serving the beer and even cleaning itself, using nothing more than hot water. It allows home brewers to brew five distinctive, richly flavored beers that are sure to impress. Visit to start brewing!
  • Creative’s Super X-Fi Headphone Holography: With this game-changing technology, users will be able to recreate the soundstage of a multi-speaker surround system in a pair of headphones and personalize it by scanning the user’s head and ears, so that the audio experience is natural like never before. Watch movies like you’re at the cinema, listen to music as if you’re at a live concert, and play games as if you were in the game environment itself – all with just a pair of headphones powered by this technology! Learn more at
  • The SleepScore App: Introducing the world’s most accurate sleep app. Built and powered by sleep experts, the SleepScore App uses sonar technology to measure the quantity and quality of your sleep, allows you set sleep goals, offers advice, and gives you personalized product recommendations to help improve your sleep. With New Year’s resolutions in full swing, SleepScore Labs has created the free 28-day “AMP Your Resolution” program in coordination with the SleepScore App. The program provides simple ways to achieve better sleep and accomplish 2019 health goals – from losing weight and exercising more, to reducing stress. Visit to get started and download the app.


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