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Your sleep helps children sleep

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You can make a difference

Millions of children in developing countries lack even the most basic necessities to get a good night’s sleep. SleepScore Labs is supporting Sleeping Children Around the World, a nonprofit that helps millions of children get a bedkit for a restful night and a happier tomorrow. The charity’s motto, ‘A Day of Hope begins with a Good Night’s Sleep’ aligns 100% with our vision of rising up and changing the world for the better through sleep.

A penny for your sleep

You can make a difference starting tonight – not just for you, but for kids who deserve a good night’s sleep. For every night of sleep tracked using the SleepScore app, we’ll donate one cent to Sleeping Children Around the World for purchasing the bedkits these children so badly need. That rate doubles to two cents for each night you track when you become a premium subscriber.

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1 Night = 1 Cent Raised
1 bedkit = Mattress, pillow, sheet, blanket, mosquito net, clothing, towel and school supplies

Plus, when you register with this link you’ll get access to 1 month of SleepScore Premium for free. Just make sure to enter the same email address below as your app registration on your phone and give two cents to Sleeping Children Around the World for every night tracked.

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About Sleeping Children Around the World

For 48 years, Sleeping Children Around the World, a volunteer-based non-profit, has led a 100% charitable global community dedicated to helping change the lives of children who need a comfortable place to lay their head each night.

They’ve helped over 1 million children and counting. Through our support, we hope to help millions more.

Learn more about Sleeping Children Around the World

Share the word with friends and family and get a month of SleepScore premium free! Because the more our community sleeps, the more children we can help.

Rise Up and sleep for a greater purpose.

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*New users must download and register with the SleepScore app to activate free month of premium subscription. Premium unlock may take up to two business days.
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