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What is SleepScore Max?

SleepScore Max is a sleep improvement system designed for use at home. The system consists of three components:

The SleepScore Max device featuring SleepScore by ResMed technology – A highly accurate non-contact sleep sensor
The SleepScore Max Mobile App – A companion app, downloadable via the Apple® App Store or Google Play™ by searching for SleepScore Max (Smartphone device not included)
The Sleep Guide – A sophisticated system located in the SleepScore Max Mobile App that gives you personalized advice on improving your sleep

How does SleepScore Max help my sleep?

The SleepScore Max device uses bio-motion sensor technology, similar to echolocation, to track your respiration and body movement as you travel through each sleep stage. It also monitors the environment around you. This data, combined with your profile and lifestyle information, gives us deep insight into your unique sleep patterns. It’s how we’re able to provide you with actionable, customized advice, delivered through the Sleep Guide.

In the app, you will also find a series of easy-to-use, interactive tools that allow you to work with your own sleep data, and to properly understand the way you sleep. You have access to your sleep history, so you can compare the quality of your rest to your daily lifestyle measures, such as caffeine and alcohol intake. In addition, you can receive sleep solution and product recommendations, all of which have been tested by our expert team at SleepScore Labs and selected to fit your individual needs.

Do I have to wear anything or be in a certain position to use the SleepScore Max?

No, the SleepScore Max is completely non-contact. There is no need for a wristband, mattress strip or electrodes – nothing to distract you from sleeping peacefully. As long as the device is positioned correctly and you are within its range, it will measure your sleep regardless of your sleeping position. The SleepScore Max sensors also capture sleep data through thick blankets or comforters.

Is SleepScore Max a medical device?

No, SleepScore Max is not a medical device. It is designed to help improve your sleep through coaching and biofeedback. It cannot be used to diagnose or treat any sleep disorders. If you have concerns that sleep is affecting your health, you should consult a healthcare professional.

How accurate is the SleepScore Max unit?

SleepScore Max is highly accurate. The SleepScore by ResMed technology has been validated in over 10 clinical studies comparing it against lab based Polysomnography (PSG), the gold standard of sleep measurement. To function properly, the unit must be positioned correctly and you should be within its range 1.3 feet to 3.9 feet while it monitors your sleep.

Who can use SleepScore Max?

SleepScore Max was designed to be used by adults who are over 85 lbs. If you have Restless Leg Syndrome, or if you have children or pets sleep in your bed on the same side as the unit, you may receive erroneous results. There are also no known health risks from using SleepScore Max while pregnant.


What should I do before my first night’s sleep?

Download the SleepScore Max app from the Apple® App store or Google Play™ by searching for SleepScore Max. Then, set up your account through the app. Please fill out the entire profile as that information enables us to provide you with the most customized experience. After you set up the device, follow the on-screen instructions to pair your compatible smartphone to the SleepScore Max unit.

Once paired, place the unit on a surface close to you with it facing your chest. The device must be between 1.3 to 3.9 feet of you, ideally about an arm’s length away. The bottom of the unit should be just above the top of your mattress. Avoid placing any items in front or around the device.

Using the SleepScore Max app, check the screen graph showing your breathing. This will indicate that your smartphone is connected to the unit. Before you go to sleep, answer the lifestyle questions in the Sleep Guide. When complete, press “Start Sleep Tracking” to begin your session.

How do I pair the SleepScore Max unit to my smartphone for the first time?

Make sure Bluetooth® and WiFi are activated on your smartphone. Download the SleepScore Max app from the Apple® App Store or the Google Play™ store. Once complete, open the app and complete the registration and app tour.

Next, connect the SleepScore Max to a power outlet. With the app open, tap on “Connect your SleepScore Max.” You’ll see a list of available Bluetooth® devices. From this list, select “SleepScore Max” and pair within one minute of plugging in the SleepScore Max. A steady green LED light on the device indicates that you have paired successfully.

Can two people use SleepScore Max at one time?

The device can only record one person’s sleep at a time; however, different people can use the same device if they are using it at separate times. Each user should create their own account, so that they can access their own personal sleep history and receive personalized advice.

Be sure to place the SleepScore Max unit next to the person who is tracking their sleep. SleepScore Max can distinguish between two people in a bed, but will record the person closest to the unit.

Currently, two units cannot be used in the same room at the same time as they will interfere with each other and produce misleading results. You can use multiple units in the same home though, as long as they are in different rooms.

Follow the instructions below to pair your device if using multiple units in your home.

When you are pairing your smartphone to your unit for the first time, please ensure that any other SleepScore Max devices in your home are switched off.
Power up only your specific SleepScore Max unit – this means that only your unit and its unique identifier code will be visible on the Bluetooth® pairing screen on the app.
Pair your unit to your smartphone within one minute of plugging in the unit

How do I charge the device?

The SleepScore Max is not battery-operated. It needs to be plugged in to track your sleep. Because it uses very little power compared to most household appliances, we recommend leaving the unit plugged in. This facilitates a faster reconnection process via Bluetooth. We also recommend charging your smartphone while tracking your sleep to avoid your smartphone’s battery running out of power.

Do I have to use the same smartphone every night to monitor my sleep?

No, you can use any smartphone as long as you download the SleepScore Max app and log in to your account. After logging in using the email and password associated with your account, use the app to pair the smartphone to your SleepScore Max unit.

When in range, your SleepScore Max unit should automatically re-connect with the last device it was connected to. Therefore, if you change smart device, ensure Bluetooth® is turned off on the device you do not wish to use.

What does the LED light on the device tell me?

The front-left LED light can be green, yellow, red, or off. This light communicates the status and activity of the SleepScore Max unit as well as its connection to your smartphone.

A flashing red light means the SleepScore Max unit has not been paired to a smartphone.
A steady red light means Bluetooth® is not paired or the smartphone is out of range of the SleepScore Max unit.
A steady green light means SleepScore Max is paired and ready to begin sleep monitoring when you wish to do so.
A flashing green light means SleepScore Max is in sleep-monitoring mode. This light will fade out 15 seconds after beginning sleep-monitoring mode.
A steady yellow light indicates a firmware upgrade is taking place.

Does the device start or stop automatically?

No, in order to most accurately track your sleep, tap ‘Start Sleep Tracking’ on the Sleep screen for sleep tracking to begin. Make sure your SleepScore Max is correctly set up and connected to your smartphone. SleepScore Max will keep going until you stop tracking your sleep, up to a limit of 14 hours.

Do other items on my bedside table interfere with the unit?

To ensure that your reading is as accurate as possible, please avoid placing items between yourself and your SleepScore Max device. Keep the area clear as even common beside items, such as a glass of water, can affect the technology if they’re in the way.

Can I place my phone on top of or leaning against the device?

No, please do not leave your phone touching your SleepScore Max device. It is best to place it behind or beside the unit while you are sleeping.

Will my SleepScore Max interfere with any other electronic devices in my room?

No, your SleepScore Max unit will not interfere with the devices in your room. It has no effect on your TV, radio, or phone.

Will other electrical devices interfere with my SleepScore Max?

Placing your smartphone in between you and your SleepScore Max unit while you are sleeping can interfere with the sensors. Before you start tracking your sleep, place your smartphone behind or beside the SleepScore Max unit.

Will air conditioning or an electric fan interfere with the device?

Using objects with moving parts, such as an electric fan, in the vicinity of your SleepScore Max may impair its performance. To ensure minimal interference, keep objects with moving parts more than 3.9 feet away from the device. Electric fans are best placed to the side, behind, or above your unit.

Will my SleepScore Max work if I sleep with an electric blanket?

Yes, electric blankets have not been found to alter data captured by SleepScore Max.

Are there conditions that may prevent the unit from working?

By keeping the unit in a dry environment and following the instructions in the User Manual, the unit should work when it is connected to a power source. For proper functioning, storage conditions should be within 41°F to 95°F, and 30% to 85% relative humidity.

Do I have to keep my SleepScore Max unit plugged in all day, or can I just plug it in when I go to bed?

The SleepScore Max unit only needs to be plugged in when you are tracking your sleep. However, the unit uses very little power compared to most household appliances. Leaving the unit plugged in facilitates a faster reconnection process via Bluetooth®.


What is the Sleep Guide?

The Sleep Guide is a sophisticated system that gives you ultra-personalized advice on improving your sleep. Located in the SleepScore Max app, it combines your sleep, daily activity and bedroom environmental data to curate customized, actionable advice. These recommendations may be small daily changes or larger lifestyle shifts. SleepScore Max may also suggest products and sleep solutions that will help you get your best night\’s rest.

Developed by behavioral psychologists and leading sleep physicians, the Sleep Guide was created after four years of analyzing more than two million nights of objective sleep data.

What is a SleepScore?

Your SleepScore is an assessment of the quality and quantity of your sleep, plotted on a scale of 0 to 100. After tracking your sleep using SleepScore Max, your SleepScore evaluates your rest against the following six parameters:

Total sleep Duration
Time to fall asleep
Light sleep
Deep sleep
REM (Rapid-Eye-Movement) sleep
Awakenings throughout the night
These variables are then measured against known sleep averages for your age and gender, which have been established by well-published research, expert advisors and the analysis of over two million nights of sleep. Continued use of SleepScore Max in conjunction with adherence to advice on sleep environment, health, lifestyle and should help your improve your score.

How do product recommendations work?

Based on your unique sleep profile and patterns, SleepScore Labs will recommend products and solutions that our tailored to your needs. These have all been validated by our team of sleep experts.

What is a Smart Alarm?

The Smart Alarm enables you to wake up during the ideal time of your sleep cycle: light sleep. This ensures that you’ll rise feeling refreshed and ready for the day, instead of waking up during deep sleep which would leave you feeling groggy.

To use your Smart Alarm, choose the 15- to 30-minute time window you’d like to wake up. Once you hit light sleep in this window, the Smart Alarm gently wake you. If you do not enter light sleep during this time window, the alarm will instead sound at the end. The Smart Alarm will work even if you did not enable push notifications. If your phone is on silent, you can control the volume of the alarm through your phone. If your phone is not connected to your SleepScore Max device, the Smart Alarm will not work.

How do I disable feedback notifications?

We recommend you continue to receive these, as they are tailored to your individual sleep needs. However, if you choose to turn them off, go into the “Settings” menu on the app and select “Push Notifications“. Here you can customize your notification settings in the system menu. Even with notifications disabled, you can still view the recommendations or suggestions in your SleepScore Max Mentor screen on the app. We value your input and request that you provide as much feedback as possible when prompted. 

What’s new in the Max 2.0 update?

In April 2020, SleepScore Max got some huge improvements! The updated look and feel is packed with new features you’ll love, including: 

  • Lifestyle trends to see how daily habits impact your sleep 
  • Sleep solutions based on your goal 
  • Weekly polls to see how others like you are sleeping 
  • Updated Sleep Guide look and feel 
  • And more! 

You’ll have everything you need to track your sleep, discover where you can improve, and get on the fast track to better sleep.  


How do I access my account?

Your username is the email address you used to set up your account. If you ever forget your password, you can request a password change via email. Please go to the website or app and follow the instructions provided after clicking on the “Forgot Password” link.

Why does SleepScore Max require personal information?

In order to provide you with personalized advice to help improve your sleep, we need to understand what factors are affecting your sleep outside of those we can track with the SleepScore Max device. That\’s why we ask about your caffeine and alcohol intake, as well as your daily stress levels, sleepiness and exercise.

We request access to Apple Health, so that we can pre-populate your lifestyle data and integrate your sleep data with other approved apps. We ask to use your location, so that we can provide customized insights such as how you compare to other users in your area and sleep-impacting weather heading your way.

How do I delete my SleepScore Account and remove the SleepScore data from my phone?

If you would like to delete the data from your smartphone, simply delete the app from your phone. If you want to delete your account completely, please contact SleepScore Max Customer Service by email


What is the warranty policy?

SleepScore Max comes with a one-year warranty from the date of purchase. Defects in workmanship and materials associated with the product are covered by this warranty. The product must be used in accordance with its instruction for use. Any damage or defect caused by a failure to follow instruction which relates to this product will not be covered. These include accident, abuse, misuse, misapplication, product modification, faulty ancillary equipment, improper voltage or current, lightning or other acts of God. SleepScore Labs’ liability are limited to repair or replacement. Claims must be made within one year of purchase.

You may exchange your SleepScore Max device free of charge if there are any complications with the devices scope of warranty. Once we receive confirmation of the returned package a replacement will be sent out immediately.

To make a return, please follow these steps:

Contact our Customer Care at SleepScore Labs at
Provide your name
Mailing address
Contact telephone number
Date and place of purchase
Detailed description of the problem you are experiencing
Proof of purchase
If the defect is covered by the warranty, you will be provided with an authorization number and instructions for return shipment. You may be asked to return your defective product. Please include original packing material, product box, and accessories that were supplied with the original product. The returned product must be accompanied with original proof of purchase, a copy of which you should keep for your records. Failure to supply a proof of purchase will result in return of the product without being examined and at your own expense. SleepScore Labs will not be responsible for any damage incurred or loss during shipment. Please comply with the rules to avoid any additional charges.

How do I return my SleepScore Max?

The SleepScore Max unit can be returned within 30 days of the date of purchase. The customer is responsible for the cost of return shipping. Please ensure that you return the complete packaging, along with all the accessories that were supplied with the original product. To return your purchase, you must email and you will be provided with the necessary instructions to complete a return or exchange. The refund will be issued once the product has been received and inspected.

How is my privacy protected?

At SleepScore Labs, we take your privacy very seriously, and we are committed to protecting the security of your personal information, including sensitive sleep data. Your sleep data is stored securely in the cloud on servers located in the United States and on your smartphone, providing you with constant access to your personal sleep records, history, and suggestions. Your data is only accessed through your personal user account. It is not publicly accessible.

SleepScore Max does not contain a camera of any type. The bio-motion sensor monitors your breathing and movement only. The microphone on your compatible smartphone monitors the noise levels in your bedroom environment but no actual audio recording takes place.


About SleepScore Max

SleepScore Max operates silently, unless you are using the Smart Alarm. If you set a Smart Alarm, your smartphone will emit a sound to wake you up during the timeframe you set. The device has one LED light on the front it. Depending on the mode SleepScore Max is in, this front-left LED light can either be green, yellow, red, or off. When you are tracking your sleep, the LED light will fade out 15 seconds after you press “Start Sleep Tracking” to ensure minimal disruption to your sleep.

Height:150 mm
Width: 100 mm
Depth: 55 mm

Do I need a smartphone or tablet to use SleepScore Max?

Yes, SleepScore Max requires a compatible Apple® or Android™ smartphone to function, such as: 

Apple® smartphones: iPhone® 6, 6+, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, X Max, XsXs Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, SE, 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max

Apple® operating systems: iOS 10.3 and above* 

Android™ smartphones require Android™ operating systems: 6.0 – 10.0 (does not work with Android 11.0 and above).

*iPhone® users, please go into Settings/General/About/Version to check your operating system 

How do I reconnect my SleepScore Max to my smartphone?

Your smartphone should automatically reconnect to the SleepScore Max after you have successfully paired once, assuming Bluetooth® is activated and visible on your smartphone. 

If you don’t reconnect automatically, go to “Settings” inside the SleepScore Max app by tapping the gear icon at the bottom right of the screen. Select “Connected Device” at the top of the screen and follow the prompts to re-establish a connection with your smartphone and SleepScore Max unit. The app’s SleepScore Max unit icon and the LED light on the SleepScore Max unit will turn green and remain green when your smartphone is successfully connected to the SleepScore Max unit. If you are still having issues, try unplugging you Max unit for 10 seconds, and then plugging it back in again. 

How do I power my SleepScore Max device?

The USB power cable supplied with the SleepScore Max should only be used with the SleepScore Max unit itself. It is not designed to function with any other electronic devices. Contact customer service at email

If I change time zones, will SleepScore Max show me my sleep data using the local time where my sleep was tracked?

No, it will not. If you change time zones, your sleep data will be shown in the local time of the time zone you are currently in, as opposed to the local time where your sleep was tracked. It will always show the local time of your current location.

Which web browsers is optimized for?

The site is optimized for the following current browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 9.0+, Firefox and Safari. The site is optimized for all web browsers released from May 2017 onwards.

Does my smartphone need an internet connection to work with the SleepScore Max unit?

No, your smartphone does not need to be connected to the internet while tracking your sleep. It does require a Bluetooth® connection to pair your smartphone to the SleepScore Max. The phone must have 3G, 4G, or WiFi to receive notifications from the Sleep Guide and any future firmware updates.

Do I need WiFi to use the SleepScore Max app?

No, you do not need WiFi to use the app. Most features, with the exception of the Sleep Guide, do not require the use of WiFi to function properly. You will still be able to carry out basic sleep analysis. However, you will need WiFi to download the app. To receive personalized advice, you’ll need WiFi, 3G, or 4G.

Do I need Bluetooth® to use the app?

Yes, Bluetooth® is needed to pair and connect your compatible smartphone to SleepScore Max.

What happens to my sleep record when the time changes?

When the time changes in the spring and fall due to the start or end of Daylight Saving Time, your sleep record will still maintain accuracy. SleepScore Max will record your wake-up time as it aligns with the new world clock in the morning. SleepScore Max will instead move the time you fell asleep one hour backward or forward, depending on the season, to factor in the time change.

Because of this, your sleep record will show your correct sleep duration. You are not required to do anything differently when tracking: the Max companion app factors all of this in automatically.


Where can I buy SleepScore Max? What do I get?

SleepScore Max can be purchased directly from When you purchase SleepScore Max, you’ll receive the SleepScore Max device, power supply unit, power cable, user manual, and quick start guide. In addition to the items included with your SleepScore Max purchase, you’ll need a compatible Bluetooth®-enabled smartphone. To use SleepScore Max, download the free SleepScore Max app, available from the Apple® App Store and Google Play™. To make full use of the SleepScore Max features and programs, including customized sleep suggestions, you’ll need Bluetooth and internet access via WiFi, 3G or a 4G network.

Where do you ship to?

SleepScore Max can be delivered to any residence or business location. Because our carried FedEx does not ship to P.O. boxes, we cannot deliver to those addresses at this time.

How can I track my SleepScore Max order?

After you purchase your SleepScore Max, you will receive an email confirming your order. Once your device ships, you will receive another email with your tracking number.


What happens to my historical S+ data?

Your historical S+ data is transferred to SleepScore Labs and is available on the SleepScore Max app or the SleepScore Web Portal 

How is my data securely transferred to SleepScore Max?

We take your sleep data privacy very seriously and will never sell your data. SleepScore Labs encrypts your data at every point in its journey to ensure it is protected and secure.  

Can I still use the S+ app after I transition to the SleepScore Max app?

Noonce you transfer your data to SleepScore Labs, your data will no longer be available in the S+ App. 

I’m having trouble connecting my S+ device to the SleepScore Max app. How can I connect?

Make sure Bluetooth® and WiFi are activated on your smartphone. Next, connect the S+ to a power outlet. With the app open, tap on “Connect Device” You’ll see a list of available Bluetooth® devices. From this list, select your S+ Device and pair within one minute of plugging in the S+. A steady green LED light on the device indicates that you have paired successfully.  

If you are still having issues, try unplugging you S+ for 10 seconds, and then plugging it back in again. 

What if my device is faulty or no longer working?

If your S+ device is no longer working, you may be eligible to receive a SleepScore Max device at a discounted rate. Please reach out to us at for more details.  

What if I already have an existing SleepScore account?

If your SleepScore account and S+ account are under the same email address, you can still transfer your S+ account over to SleepScore. When you go through the steps outlined during the migration process, you will be prompted to reset your SleepScore account password so it matches your S+ password. Then, you can complete the transfer process.

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