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SleepScore Labs is committed to the advancement of sleep science in all facets and has partnered with several other global leaders in the field to provide research-backed products and recommendations to further help improve sleep quality.
Check out our partner list below.

Dreampad - music you can feel



The Dreampad is a patented sleep solution embedded in a ridiculously comfortable pillow. The Dreampad pillow delivers music through gentle, calming vibration which only you can hear. Imagine hearing soothing music coming from within a pillow, and as you listen, the music is actually telling your body and mind to relax…this is how the Dreampad music is different from traditional speaker music. The Dreampad is controlled by an app with 10 music choices and includes Bluetooth capability. For more information, visit:



Sleepio brings together a team of world experts in sleep science and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to deliver a six-week sleep improvement program. Designed by sleep expert, Professor Colin Espie, Sleepio features the latest CBT techniques and is clinically proven to help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep through the night and feel better during the day – whether you’ve had poor sleep for weeks, months or even years. The whole course takes place online via a home computer or an iPad, but you can also complete it using the iPhone app. If you have an Android or a Windows smartphone, you can access on-the-go help via the mobile site at:



Lighting Science Logo



Lighting Science is a global leader in innovative LED lighting solutions that designs, manufactures and brings to market advanced, intelligent products for consumer and commercial applications. Lighting Science is creating biological, horticultural and urban lighting solutions with products such as GoodNight®, GoodDay®, and Sleepy Baby® LED bulbs and the groundbreaking horticulture light, the GroBar™. They have more than 400 patents to date, and are experimenting with new uses for LEDs ranging from air purification to enhancing vision. Lighting Science is headquartered in Rhode Island, with research and development facilities in Florida. For more information, visit:



LectroFan features white, pink and brown noise variants, and electric fan sounds. Twenty unique, real-time synthesized, non-looping sounds are designed to mask disruptive noises and aid sleep. SOUND+SLEEP SE dynamically composes non-looping natural sounds using our patented Adaptive Sound® technology. The Ocean, Rain and Brook compositions are customer favorites. LectroFan white noise and fan sounds are included in SE.
Get yours by visiting, or find out more about ASTI at

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BetterNight Optisom Logo



BetterNight is a comprehensive sleep care provider with a 22-year history of helping people achieve restful & restorative sleep. Through tele-health BetterNight provides convenient, at-home sleep diagnosis, treatment, support, and access to board certified sleep physicians. Find out more, or speak to a Sleep Specialist here:



Nightingale is a cutting-edge sound masking technology for the bedroom. Developed by acoustic engineers, Nightingale reduces wake occurrences by masking common indoor and outdoor noises. Nightingale is one of the most effective sleep solutions available. Purchase yours here:

Nightingale Logo Logo


SNORING AND TOOTH GRINDING SOLUTION is a digital technology service specialized in audio analyses during sleep using your mobile device. The app uses a special algorithm to filter and detect snoring. In addition, offers an app specialized in detecting teeth grinding during sleep. Find out more at



Slumbertype from Exploragen, powered by Helix, is the world’s first DNA-based sleep app that unlocks your biological sleep profile. The app allows you to track daily behaviors, energy levels and mood to learn how specific actions interact with your sleep and DNA sleep profile, so you can make the everyday changes for a restful night’s sleep. Get your kit by going here.

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Smart Nora Logo

Smart Nora

Snoring Solution

Named as one of Oprah’s “Favorite Things” Smart Nora is the contact free and comfortable snoring solution. The system listens for early sounds of snoring before they become loud enough to wake the sleeping partner. Once snoring is detected, Nora starts a gentle movement in the pillow and reduces the snoring so no one is disturbed. Smart Nora has improved sleep for tens of thousands of couples worldwide. Get yours at


Snoring Reduction Game

Soundly is a voice controlled game that serves as a therapy or training that strengthens and tones the upper-airway, thus reducing the tissue vibrations that cause snoring. Soundly is a patent pending therapy has been shown to reduce snoring. Download your copy here:

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Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses works to improve sleep and protect eyes by filtering out the harmful blue wavelengths from electronic devices and energy-efficient light bulbs while letting in all other safe light. Get yours by visiting

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