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Rested employees.Successful businesses.

A personalized and adaptive sleep wellness program for lasting employee health. Improvement beyond just tracking.

SleepScore LabsTM, spun out of ResMed, the largest sleep company in the world, provides tailored insights, advice and solutions from sleep experts, and more, all backed by over 160 million hours of contextual sleep data.

Delivering proven outcomes

Objectively measured and statistically significant results.

Best in Class Performance

Enabled by Best in Class Technology

Best in Class Performance



adoption rate compared to other health & wellness programs



engagements per participant per month


logged daily activities 5-6 times per week



of participants retained after 30 days**

Enabled by Best in Class Technology

No wearable tracking device required

Proprietary tech

turns any smartphone into an accurate sleep tracker

New York Times Wirecutter pick

3 consecutive years

* Statistically significant and objectively measured improvement
** 8-10x vs average retention rates in health and wellness programs
† Ranges include non-incentivized and incentivized programs

Supporting employees through an adaptive and personalized sleep journey

SleepScore’s program aims to deliver a positive ROI through higher employee productivity, reduced turnover, burnout, stress, and absenteeism following sleep improvement.*

Personalized & Adaptive Insights

Features to Enable Improvement

Educational & Inspiring Content

...and more ways for improvement beyond sleep tracking

Custom touchpoints delivering more opportunities to engage and improve sleep.

Supplementary Monthly Content

Engaging Sleep Challenges

Exclusive Webinars & Videos

Best in Class CRM

Personalized and adaptive insights from day one to progressively build routines and habits for healthier sleep

Educational and inspiring content and themes communicated across multiple touchpoints

  • Features to enable lasting improvement, like:

  • check iconSleep history and trends
  • check iconDetailed daily and weekly sleep reports
  • check iconSmart Alarm
  • check iconBedroom optimization
  • check iconSleep Report for healthcare provider
  • check iconSleepScore CheckUpTM
  • check iconOption for individualized Sleep Coaching
  • * Based on existing 3rd party research showing that sleep deprivation negatively impacts employee health, performance, and workplace relationships.

Even more ways employees can improve beyond just sleep tracking

Custom touchpoints delivering more opportunities to engage and improve sleep.

Supplementary monthly content, tailored by sleep experts, delivered through emails.

Exclusive educational webinars and videos from our sleep experts.

Engaging sleep challenges focused on lifestyle areas like stress management, exercise goals, caffeine limits, and more.


Best in class CRM


open rate for onboarding communications*


open rate after 6 months of program*

* Ranges include non-incentivized and incentivized programs
* Average cross-industry rate is ~11%

A program your enterprise can rely on

  1. Lower cost, seamless distribution, and easy scale-up.
  2. Enterprise-grade protection of employee data.
  3. Administrator friendly implementation, onboarding, and management.
  4. Insightful results to visualize the connection between sleep health and business KPIs like productivity, retention, absenteeism, and more.
  5. Ongoing support for administrators and employees.

No Tracking Device Required

Private & Secure

Easy Onboarding

Actionable Dashboard

Dedicated Support

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