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~75% of employees are poor sleepers leading to a 79-116% increase in employer costs*.

Invest in your employees' well-being and productivity with our Corporate Wellness Program that is proven to deliver:

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Poor Sleep Negatively Impacts Work and Culture

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Cost Increase


incremental healthcare cost, absenteeism & fatigue
$3.4-5.2K incremental health care spend^
11% increase in health care utilization^
$2.4K cost if absenteeism per employee^
1.9K cost of fatigue^
^ per employee per year
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Productivity Reduction


absenteeism, injuries & errors
70% higher risk for accidents at work
25% are absent at least 1 day per week
8% faster high-risk financial decision
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Culture Inhibitor


less collaboration & social separation
10% less collaboration
20% more social separated at work

SleepScore's Corporate Wellness Program

At SleepScore, we believe that quality sleep is the foundation for optimal well-being and performance. That's why we've designed our personalized and adaptive sleep wellness program to help your employees unlock the potential of quality sleep and boost productivity and collaboration. Our actionable insights, coaching, and quantified objective outcomes are all backed by hundreds of million hours of contextual wellness data.

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Best in Class Performance

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adoption rate compared to other health & wellness programs

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engagements per participant per day
61-67% of participants logged daily activities 5-6 times per week*

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retained after 30 days, 6-10x compared with other health & wellness programs

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10-26 hours

of extra sleep per month after 12 weeks & up to 48% increase in fitness activity

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Why Embrace SleepScore's Corporate Wellness Program

Research has proven that sleep improvement delivers wellness benefits and a positive business ROI through higher employee productivity, reduced turnover, burnout, stress, & absenteeism following sleep improvement.

We understand every organization is unique and as such our wellness program delivers customized experiences.

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Employee & Admin Benefits

Comprehensive Solutions
Our program offers a range of personalized resources tailored to each employee's sleep needs and preferences, including expert sleep coaching, educational content, and tools to track sleep, also directly from smartphones.
Personalized Experiences
Our program dynamically combines personalized insights, educational content, and gamified challenges to make the journey to better sleep enjoyable and sustainable.
Proven Results
Employees typically see objective results within a few weeks of starting our program and employers can access a comprehensive, actionable dashboard to drive business ROI.
Admin Friendly
We offer a seamless onboarding experience and guide you through the implementation process to help drive adoption and easily manage the program. Whenever you have questions, our dedicated support team will be there to help.
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