How SleepScore Works with Partners

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Our mission is to enable leading companies and organizations to strengthen their health and wellness offerings, proven through better sleep.

As the only end-to-end applied sleep company bringing a comprehensive suite of tools and services to leading companies and organizations, here’s what we can offer.

  • Data insights, collection, and learning
  • Product evaluation tools and validation services
  • Technology licensing and co-branding
  • Product line-up targeted by consumer base
  • Product Recommender and other services through our family of apps
  • Customized services tailored for your unique needs

You bring your specific expertise to the table. We bring our sleep knowledge.

Together, we create the ideal path for truly cross-disciplinary sleep innovations.

With the use of scientific methods and our proprietary validated home-based sleep measurement system, we enable you to position yourself as an evidence-based sleep improvement product or service.

Let’s get to work.

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