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How Does Sleep Deprivation Affect Our Behavior?

If you think about sleepiness or feeling tired, you likely think of it as a feeling or “state” as psychologists prefer to call it. Sleep researchers mostly see sleepiness as a sleep complaint, indicative of


The SleepScore Max App Has Been Updated! Here’s What’s New

The latest and greatest SleepScore Max app update is finally here, and with it comes some big changes. From top to bottom layout updates to brand new features, SleepScore Max is just what you need to help you hit your sleep goals and feel


Are We Getting More Sleep During COVID-19 Restrictions?

Shelter in place, social distancing and the sudden need for mass teleworking may have some unintended impacts on our sleep. As many of us can relate, it feels as if all days of the week are starting to feel


Ideas to Maintain Your Sleep Schedule While Sheltering in Place

Social distancing, sheltering in place; these are terms we’re all intimately familiar with now. Staying at home means drastically altering existing routines and trying to find a new normal. Is it impacting your sleep?  If it


Ask the Expert: How Sleep Plays a Major Role in Fighting Off Diseases

The new COVID-19 world is a much different place than even just last week. As an organization committed to improving the health and well-being of the world through better sleep, we asked our Chief Scientific


World Sleep Day 2020 Data Analysis: Does More Sleep Mean Happier Lives?

In honor of World Sleep Month, SleepScore Labs performed a data analysis to compare various country’s total average sleep time with their World Happiness Index Score.  The SleepScore team looked at data from 1,234,462 nights, from over 72,000


Daylight Saving Time – A Quick History of Our Time Changing Ritual

Are you still wondering why we even have Daylight Saving Time? Only 40% of the world’s countries use DST and a large percentage of the United States would like to do away with it altogether.


When is it Time for a Sleep Divorce? Your Biggest Co-Sleeping Questions, Answered

Ever hear your friends or family complaining about their bed partners keeping them awake at night? It’s a commonly held belief that sleeping next to someone in bed yields poorer sleep. But is that true? Our sleep expert, Dr.


Sleep with a Partner? How to Both Get Your Best Sleep

Scientific research on sleep is typically conducted with subjects who are sleeping alone, but in real life most people share beds when they sleep — with significant others, children, or pets. According to an international


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