Personalized, Accurate Advice: Here’s How

Januar 9th, 2018

When it comes to sleep, there is a lot of information out there, much of it unchecked facts and non-validated sleep improvement claims. The experts at SleepScore Labs take the accuracy of sleep science and education very seriously and understand the importance of sifting through all the information available to discern what’s accurate and well-researched, and what isn’t. We’ve partnered with a panel of sleep advisors and experts, all with a wealth of experience in the world of analyzing, researching, and solving the puzzle of sleep. Our team also uses a specific rule set that makes use of your personal sleep data to determine what advice and insights are delivered to only you and provide clear insights into exactly how accurate is sleep score app data.
In this article, we’ll introduce our sleep experts and advisors, lay out the specific guidelines we use to create our Sleep Guide recommendations and educational information, and explain just how much sleep intelligence is available for our users.

Who are Our Advisors and Experts?

Our advisors and sleep experts consist of behavioral and clinical scientists and practitioners who are highly lauded in the sleep arena. Our panel of sleep experts include Dr. Steven Lockley, Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Nathaniel Watson, the Professor of Neurology at University of Washington, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Professor of Surgery at Columbia University, and Dr. Roy Raymann, Chief Scientific Officer at SleepScore Labs.

These experts review every piece of content that we deliver to our customers, ensuring the utmost accuracy in sleep science and recommendations. These advisors refer to peer-reviewed scientific papers as the foundation for all of the knowledge in the Sleep Guide. If something doesn’t have sufficient objective data to support it, it won’t pass our review process.

What Parameters Do We Use?

Along with having all of our information reviewed by our panel of advisors and experts, we also follow a strict set of guidelines to ensure our content always remains relevant and educational. Sleep Guide items speak to individual users, offering information directly related to their last SleepScore, time spent in certain sleep stages that night, or the answers to their nightly pre-sleep questions. Additionally, all information available in the Sleep Guide has the sole purpose of educating users on the complex world of sleep, and helping them get better quality sleep over a consistent period of time. By combining our rigorous review process and personalizing all information to each specific SleepScore Max user, our information is the most tailored and data-driven in the market of sleep coaching.

Endless Possibilities

Our Sleep Guide contains over 1600 pieces of unique actionable and educational information. After just two nights of tracking, our users enter one of 5,000 possible paths to better sleep, and have the potential to receive over 4 billion possible combinations of recommendations and guidance. But your personal sleep is actually defining that sleep improvement journey. This has been made possible by SleepScore Labs researching and creating content that covers all facets of sleep health. We cover everything ranging from educating users on the overall science of sleep to how much sleep do athletes need and what to do in a multitude of sleep health situations.

If you have more questions about SleepScore Max technology, our advisors, or the personalization of the product, visit our website or check out more articles below.

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