What Is A Good Sleep Score

Dezember 8th, 2017

Have you ever been surprised by your SleepScore when you wake up in the morning? Maybe you thought you slept horribly, but your score was high. Or on the flipside, you felt like last night was the best night of sleep you’ve gotten in recent memory, but your SleepScore begs to differ. If these scenarios resonate with you, don’t worry. Many SleepScore users have experienced a score they don’t necessarily agree with. In this article, we’ll explore why your SleepScore is a truly accurate reading of your nightly rest, and why we can’t always trust our memory of our rest. Plus, we’ll provide some helpful tips for utilizing the SleepScore app, so you always receive the most factual score.

The Most Accurate Analysis of Your Sleep

If you’re wondering why your SleepScore isn’t matching your expectations, consider the accuracy of the product. SleepScore uses advanced sonar technology to track your movement and provide personal sleep advice. As your chest moves with respiration, your smartphone captures any changes in your breathing and movement and translates it to a specific sleep stage. The patented SleepScore by ResMed technology is the most accurate way to track sleep on the market today.

How Well Can We Remember Our Sleep?

While you might wake up some mornings feeling like you had a great night’s sleep, your SleepScore could reflect a less than stellar result. This is often attributed to the quandary of truly knowing what your sleep behaviors look like. The reality is, most of us rarely remember the brief wake-ups we experience between sleep stages, and it’s next to impossible to differentiate knowing whether we’re in deep, light, or REM sleep. While we have a general idea of what our slumber was like, tracking it with SleepScore provides the most accurate and clear picture of your night and if you’re not sure how to know when you need a new mattress, changes in your SleepScore can help. The most illuminating and often fascinating part of tracking your sleep is realizing what’s really going on during our nightly rest. Powered by SleepScore by ResMed technology, the science-based SleepScore app delivers the most comprehensive analysis available. The results you receive may be surprising or even disheartening, but there’s no reason to get down. Seeing your sleep patterns as they truly are is the first phase of improving your sleep health.

Tips for Getting the Most Precise SleepScore

There are a few technical reasons why your SleepScore might be affected. Tweaking a few practices could help ensure your smartphone is set up to work as intended.

  • Sound machines, fans, or loud electronics may be too close to your phone.
  • Your speaker or microphone may be obstructed. Clean dust out for best results.
  • Your phone case may be blocking the speakers or microphone.
  • Your smartphone may have become unplugged during a sleep session, causing an incomplete sleep reading.
  • Using your phone frequently during a sleep session can result in an inaccurate reading of your sleep time.
  • Your partner may be recording a session with the SleepScore app in the same room.

If you have more questions about setting up your smartphone or using the SleepScore app, visit our FAQ page.

After reading your Sleep Guide daily insights, you’ll start to understand the science behind sleep, as well as what your unique sleep patterns mean. Your SleepScore will always provide the most exact view of your rest. And as your sleep improves, so too will your daily score!