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93,000,000 Americans suffer from sleep issues.

Poor sleep is a public health epidemic according to the Center for Disease Control. The National Sleep Foundation found that nearly half of Americans report less than good quality sleep. We live in a time where people track every aspect of their diet and exercise, but sleep has been long misunderstood as a key contributor to overall health

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Get the best sleep of your life.

SleepScore Labs™ is dedicated to helping people live better through the advancement of sleep science. SleepScore by ResMed technology has been meticulously tested for precision using state-of-the-art robotics to create the world’s most advanced non-contact sleep monitoring and improvement solutions. With the guidance of our team of respected sleep experts and our patented sleep tracking technology and analytics, the resulting insights and advice create meaningful change in sleep quality.

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    Get the best sleep of your life.

A revolutionary, personal sleep improvement system.

SleepScore Max is the most accurate, patented, non-contact sensor technology to monitor and improve your sleep. Its advanced analytics track your sleep patterns and bedroom environment to generate meaningful, daily SleepScores. The Sleep Guide instantly gives you ultra-personalized, fact-based insights and actionable advice. Altogether, this system is proven to significantly enhance the quality of your sleep.

Changing the world one night at a time.

After partnering with sleep technology pioneer ResMed, we spent a decade analyzing more than 2 million nights of sleep in natural environments. SleepScore Labs now has the most comprehensive and accurate collection of at-home sleep data on the planet. But our work is far from done.

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