What This Dentist has Learned About Snoring

Dutch dentist, Michiel Allessie has spent more than 20 years helping patients who suffer from snoring. After seeing how so many marriages were harmed, or even ruined by snoring, he created the free, Do I Snore or Grind App.

Snoring affects one out of four people in the world and is considered to be one of the most irritating and biggest sleep problems affecting not only the snorer, but partners too. As a sleep dentist, I have treated numerous patients the last few years that snore or have sleep apnea and I’ve learned a great deal about how snoring affects people’s lives in profound ways. In fact, often times the personal stories behind the snoring problem are heartbreaking and the tensions and frustrations that arise from snoring have even led to divorce for some of my patients.

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The causes of snoring and what you can do about it.

In most cases, it’s normal to start snoring at an older age, because muscles weaken over time and the tongue, which is the key player in snoring, is a muscle. When the airway gets partly obstructed by the tongue, the air bypassing the soft palatum in the airway, causes a vibration that creates the snoring sound.

  • Reducing your weight could help you to snore less. Often times extra weight causes a thicker neck which can constrict the airway when lying on your back.
  • Alcohol relaxes your muscles more, causing longer and louder snoring sessions. Cut out the booze at least 4 hours before bedtime if possible.
  • 67% of all snorers only snore when they sleep on their back. Try a different position and see if that reduces your snoring. You can find out if, and how long you snore by downloading the Do I Snore or Grind App.

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Not snoring is good for your health

For me, the best part of helping my patients who snore is getting them to feel more refreshed in the morning and experiencing more energy during the day by helping them discover ways to reduce their snoring. It’s really that simple – if you breath better during the night, your body gets more time to regenerate during sleep, resulting in more energy during the day. I often recommend the following products depending on what type of snorer they are. Many times it’s the partner who buys the products to finally end the noise!

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