Therabody SmartGoggles: Enhancing Sleep Quality Through Science

Therabody SmartGoggles
Mai 15th, 2024

At SleepScore Labs, we are committed to conducting rigorous validation studies to evaluate the effectiveness of products in improving sleep quality. In a recent study, we partnered with Therabody to measure the impact of their SmartGoggles on sleep outcomes. Here’s an overview of our findings and how Therabody SmartGoggles are revolutionizing bedtime routines.

Objective and Methodology

The validation study aimed to measure the impacts of using Therabody SmartGoggles as part of the bedtime routine. We assessed objective sleep metrics, perceived sleep quality, and self-reported stress, anxiety, and relaxation levels among 20 participants over 676 nights of sleep data. Our comprehensive approach included IRB submission, recruitment, data collection, statistical analysis, and post-study result reporting.

Key Findings

Scientifically validated by SleepScore Labs, Therabody SmartGoggles proved to be a game-changer in improving sleep quality. Participants reported experiencing longer, deeper sleep with fewer awakenings and reduced nighttime wakefulness. Moreover, they felt more rested in the mornings and relaxed at bedtime, with decreased stress and anxiety levels. These findings demonstrate the significant impact of Therabody SmartGoggles on both objective and perceived sleep quality.

Validation Process

Our validation process went beyond the study itself. We distributed press releases to secure earned media coverage, applied the SleepScore Validated™ Seal to endorse the product’s efficacy, and published a scientific manuscript detailing our findings. Additionally, the results were presented at the annual SLEEP conference, with an abstract published in a supplemental issue of the journal SLEEP.

Impact and Commercial Services

The benefits of Therabody SmartGoggles extend beyond improved sleep quality. Participants experienced a monthly increase of roughly 6 extra hours of sleep, along with significant reductions in stress (82%) and anxiety (71%). These results validate the effectiveness of Therabody SmartGoggles and support marketing claims endorsed by SleepScore.


„Prioritizing scientific research to validate a product is fundamental to both its development and commercial success. SleepScore Labs is the leading sleep research partner globally, and we wouldn’t trust anyone but SleepScore for sleep research and validation.“ ~Tim Roberts, VP Science + Innovation, Therabody


The collaboration between SleepScore Labs and Therabody underscores the importance of scientific validation in enhancing product efficacy and consumer trust. With Therabody SmartGoggles, individuals can now achieve better sleep, backed by scientific evidence.

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