Trying to lose weight?

Sleep might be the answer.


It may sound a little outlandish that getting the proper amount of sleep will help you cut back on calories and drop some pounds. But the proof is in the pudding (though you should probably avoid pudding). Roughly 77 percent of people who suffer from morbid obesity have trouble sleeping. Similarly, 72 percent of people who suffer from type 2 diabetes have troubling sleeping.

But is it possible that getting better sleep will help people lose weight?

Yes. In fact, a guest on the Dr. Oz show said she lost more than 60 lbs by tracking and improving her sleep with the free SleepScore app!
It all comes down to REM

Dr. Michael Breus, Ph.D., who is also known as “The Sleep Doctor” wrote for Doctor Oz that getting a proper amount of REM sleep can help you lose weight. He wrote that REM sleep often comes when you sleep longer into the night. Losing your REM sleep cuts away time that your body can use your consumed calories, which means your body is hanging onto all of those unused calories. Look here for products tested and scored by sleep experts that could help you sleep better and possibly help you lose weight over time.

When you don’t sleep your brain will crave more food – especially simple carbohydrates. So you end up waking up early craving junk food which causes weight gain and poor health. Get control of sleeping better and you’ll notice a difference.

– Dr. Mehmet Oz

Poor sleep leads to weight gain

When you don’t sleep, it means you’re awake longer of course, so you know what that means? More time for snacks. John M. Jakicic, director of the Physical Activity and Weight Management Research Center at the University of Pittsburgh, told CNN that people who are awake longer will spend more time trying to find snacks.

“I think poor sleep is a contributing factor to weight gain,” says Jakicic. “When you have poor sleep or lack of sleep, you’re setting a whole cascade of events in motion hormonally that could set you up for weight gain.” He said those sleep eaters spend less time exercising, too.

“If your body is worn, you’re not going to be bounding up the stairs to your office, and you might be less motivated to make it to the gym,” according to CNN. “Less physical activity means fewer calories burned which, over time, can lead to weight gain.”

Some other ways

Sleeping really can help you get slim. As Time magazine reported, there was a study done that showed people who slept longer tended to prefer healthier foods when they ate. Other research showed that people who slept had more balance hormones, which made them feel fuller for longer periods of time.

“Losing weight takes a lot of energy, and if you are sleeping too much it’s going to impact your energy level, and sleeping too little can have effects on your ability to focus and

concentrate on all the tasks at hand,” Charles Elder, a researcher at the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research, told Time magazine.

Thankfully, this will lead to better calorie burn. The proper amount of sleep will give you a perfectly healthy metabolism, whereas sleep loss will hurt your metabolism and make calorie burning all the more difficult.

The Dr. Oz plan

Dr. Oz explained on his show that there is a four-step plan that could help you stay slim while you sleep. The plan includes calculating your body’s best bedtime — determine your wake time, count back about seven-and-a-half hours, and then set your alarm — and taking calcium and magnesium vitamins on the daily. He also recommends using the free SleepScore app as shown in this popular video.

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