Is it time to get that body
Summer days are fast approaching. Are you ready for beach days, pool outings, and summer outfits? If you need a little boost to hit your summer fitness goals, we’ve got you covered!

Research shows that sleep helps with weight loss and keeping your energy levels up for sticking to an exercise plan!

In fact, one research study found that people who got better sleep increased their likelihood of success in a weight loss program by 33%.

With the Sleep Your Way to a Summer Body Program, you’ll get:
~ Expert sleep tips, advice, and evening routine ideas 
~ Daily exercises built by certified fitness trainers   
~ A free 3-month Premium subscription to SleepScore 
~ The chance to win great sleep products, prizes and more! 
When exercise and sleep are combined with the help of our sleep experts, the journey to a healthier you is unstoppable!

Sign up now and join us as we kick-off the program on May 13th!

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