Week 4

It’s week 4 of the Sleep Your Way to a Summer Body program! Last week we talked about all the daytime benefits you can get from great sleep, and we really started pushing your exercises to the max!

Week 4- Nighttime Behavior
This week we’ll continue to give you actionable advice to help you have a better night, so you can feel great the next day, because good days start with good nights! Plus, more expertly crafted exercise routines designed by trainers to get you sweating and in shape to help achieve your summer body goals!

Exercise: Up for abs
Welcome to week 4 of the ‘Sleep Your Way to a Summer Body Challenge!’. This week, we’re starting with 15-minutes of cardio. Walk, jog, row, whatever moves you!
Once you’re nice and warmed up, perform the following exercises 8 times! Yep!

30-Second Jump rope

30-Second Plank

3 Burpees

Crunch-in-Bridge (10 reps)
Don’t forget to keep on pushing and get through all 8 sets!
High SleepScore: If you haven’t had enough fun at the end of the workout, go the extra mile by adding on another round or two. Alternatively, hit out another 10 minutes of cardio.

Sleep: Warm up

Warming your body and allowing it to cool down before bedtime can help you relax and increase deep sleep. Just make sure the temperature is comfortable to you!

Did you know? In general, men prefer to be cool and women prefer to be warmer while sleeping, but of course there are exceptions! If you share a bed with a partner, consider separate blankets to keep everyone sleeping at their optimal temperature.

Exercise: Muscle & hustle
Today we’re going to start with a 10-minute warm-up of your choice. Feel free to mix it up with some stretching exercises and some cardio, (jumping jacks, running, skipping rope) peppered into the mix.
Follow your warm-up with 3 sets of the following exercises.

10 Bench burpees

30 Cross-body mountain climbers

10 Split jumps

10 Step-ups with high knees

25 Body weight squats

50 Bicycle crunches

10 Push-ups
High SleepScore: If you’re getting the hang of this challenge and your body is feeling STRONG, add on another set.

Sleep: Breath deep

Breathing happens naturally, so the idea of practicing it might sound silly. But many people have developed the habit of shallow breathing. The good news is you can re-learn how to breathe deeply.

Practice taking slow, deep breaths. A key to relaxation is to take plenty of time as you exhale. Enjoy the feeling of relaxation that comes with letting go of tension as you breathe out. This can help you fall asleep and feel better during the day too.

Exercise: Scrambled legs & shakin’
Today we’re going to start with a 10-minute run either on the treadmill or outdoors. If you can’t run 10 minutes, it’s OK to walk/run – just get it done!
Then, perform 5 sets of the following:

10 Dumbbell squats

15 Dumbbell Sumo squats

20 Skater lunges with dumbbell kickbacks
(15 on each side)

10 Alternating dumbbell lunges to lateral raises

20 Rear lunges to front kick
Finish the workout with another 10-minute run. If you need to go slow and steady, that’s OK!

Sleep: Progressive muscle relaxation

Focus your attention on specific muscle groups from your head down to your feet. Tense each muscle for a few seconds, then let it all go. Notice the contrast between the uncomfortable feeling of tension compared to how good it feels to relax.

This technique is called progressive muscle relaxation. With practice, you’ll be able to relax your body whenever you want.

Exercise: A touch of class
Let’s keep working towards those beach bodies! Today is all about CARDIO! Feel free to take another class that really gets your heart pumpin’ or try the following routine.
  • Run/walk for 5 minutes (alternate walking for 1 minute with running for 1 minute)
  • Bike for 5 minutes
  • Run for 5 minutes
  • Bike for 5 minutes
  • Run for 5 minutes, walk for 5 minutes
  • Bike at the fastest speed you can maintain for 5 minutes

Run/walk for 5 minutes

Bike for 5 minutes

Sleep: Create a pre-sleep routine

Develop a routine that you follow before lights out each night (ex. brush teeth, use bathroom, read for 15 minutes). As it becomes a ritual, your mind and body will begin to relax as you prepare for bed.

SleepScore App Tip: Before bed, use the Good Night Assistant feature in the app.

Exercise: Pump & jump
Keep it up, guys! You’re almost there! Today, start with a warm up of your choice for 10 minutes, you pick how.
Then, perform 4 sets of the following:

20 Push-ups
(on knees as an option)

10 Dumbbell curls

10 Dumbbell overhead presses

15 Dumbbell lateral raises
(keep the dumbbells light on this one so you can finish)

25 Bench dips

Superman – 12 reps

Sleep: Consistent bedtime

Going to bed at the same time, along with waking up at the same time, truly does wonders for your sleep. This is because your body loves routine! Over time, you’ll start to feel a natural trigger to go to bed at your scheduled bedtime.

To feel your best, stick with this consistent bedtime and wake-up time on the weekends too!

Exercise: 6-pack attack
Today, let’s start with 4 sets of the following:

30-second Elbow plank

10 T-raise planks

25 Reverse Crunches

20 Russian twist with dumbbell
(10 on each side)

20 Turkish Sit-ups with dumbbell

25 Seated leg raises
(10 on each side)

1-minute wall sit
Finish it off with 35 minutes of cardio of your choice. If you’re at the gym and have access to all of the machines, feel free to mix it up ( i.e., rowing, running, jump rope, etc.)!

Sleep: Do not disturb

If you want to use a tablet or smartphone before bed to help you wind down, turn on its blue light filter and dim the screen. Adjust the settings so it won’t ring or vibrate.

Try this tip: Program Do Not Disturb mode to start at your regular bedtime or, even better, one hour earlier. That way you won’t be tempted to look at notifications or respond to messages before bed.

Exercise: Relax those weary muscles
You crushed it this week! Now take today to REST! Catch up with your friends, hit the spa, or just curl up with a book. If you want to keep it active, take a walk or do some yoga.
As you continue following the program, be sure to keep checking out the lifestyle advice in the Sleep Guide of the SleepScore App to get the most personalized insights based on your sleep. You can always change your sleep goal to focus on new areas of sleep improvement.

Sleep: Rise up from light sleep

During light sleep, you’re more responsive to your environment, and therefore it’s the stage of sleep during which you’re more likely to wake up compared to the other stages. Light sleep is the ideal sleep stage to wake up from in the morning, because you’ll feel less groggy.

SleepScore App Tip: Try the Smart Alarm feature in the app. The Smart Alarm is designed to wake you up during light sleep, within the time window you select. This sets you up for a more rested and energized morning.

Want an easy way to track your progress throughout the program?
Download the SleepScore App and see how your sleep is improving. The first step in managing your sleep is measuring it!
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