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Nightingale Smart Home Sleep System

Nightingale’s patented technology wraps you in a blanket of soft tone to drown out harsh disrupting noises.

Plug Nightingale into your standard bedroom outlet and manage from your smartphone and other devices like Nest and Alexa to pick your perfect background sleep sounds. Nightingale is customizable to your room’s acoustics and comes with 15 sound blankets and five nature sounds.

  • Clinically proven to help patients fall asleep 38% faster.
  • Engineered to create the optimal sleep environment.
  • Subtly illuminate your room with a multi-color LED light.
  • Choose from soothing nature sounds to relax.
  • Plug anywhere in the room, even behind furniture.
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SleepScore Labs’ validation process has shown that people who used this product:
7 min longer on average
26% reported increase is sleep quality
72% felt their sleep improved
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