How Temperature Affects your Sleep

November 12th, 2020

The environment we sleep in plays a huge role in how well we sleep each night. If you can remember laying in your bed on a hot summer night, it was likely not a pleasant slumber. That’s because we humans require particular surroundings to get optimal Zzzs.

What role does temperature play in sleep?

Temperature plays a big role in our natural process of going to sleep. As night falls, melatonin is released (by the pineal gland) and helps the body to lose heat. When we settle into our beds, our body temperature starts to decrease even more rapidly, to a degree or two colder than compared to daytime. This change in temperature helps to speed up the onset of sleep. Having a cooler bedroom can help move this process along even more which could be why some people get more sleep in winter. By taking steps to ensure your bedroom temperature is cooler each night, you’re creating a healthy sleep habit and establishing another important piece of your nighttime sleep routine.

What’s the ideal sleeping temperature?

Scientists have learned that trying to sleep when you’re too cold or hot can be difficult because our bodies crave a certain ideal temperature for sleep. To easily achieve this body temperature, your room temperature should be “cool.” Our experts recommend that you keep your room in a range between 60-68 degrees Fahrenheit – just make sure it feels comfortable to you.

Experts also suggest that you keep your room as cave-like as possible. So in addition to keeping your bedroom temperature in the ideal zone, you should also keep it dark and quiet. Block out any unnatural light from nearby streetlights from the neighborhood. Turn off all the LED lights from devices in your room, and work on soundproofing your room to the best of your ability. If humidity is a problem in your area, consider using a de-humidifier to bring the humidity level down to within a range of 30-50%.

Are there products that can help me sleep better when it’s hot out?

Absolutely! The experts at SleepScore Labs evaluated hundreds of products to find only the very best solutions for every sleep need. Our curated selection of products to help during warm summer months include:

  • Sleep Optimizer ChiliPad– perfect for cooling your mattress to your desired temperature
  • Dagsmejan moisture wicking sleepwear – feel right all night with optimal cooling, breathable materials in stylish styles for men and women.
  • See all of our curated and validated products in the SleepScore Store!

Once you have the ideal bedroom environment dialed in, you should start to see higher quality of Zzzs! Learn more about creating the ultimate sleep sanctuary, how artificial light can affect your sleep, and more in our articles!

November 12th, 2020

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